Women Raped at Madzibaba Shrine

A so-called prophet recently allegedly raped a 22-year-old married woman at her Harare shrine.

According to a police memo seen by this publication, Prophet Trymore Nyaunde lured the victim to his shrine on the pretext that he wanted to purify her.

“The circumstances are that the complainant was sitting in Glen Norah Park with her husband trying to resolve their marital differences since the two do not live together. The accused approached them and began to prophesy the complainant’s husband.

“He then invited the two to come and meet him at his sanctuary the following day for a cleansing of evil spirits affecting their marriage. The following day, December 19, 2021 at around 12:00 p.m., the Complainant telephoned her husband to ask him to meet at the park so that they could go to Madzibaba’s shrine which is located in the park.

“The complainant’s husband refused, saying he didn’t have time and wanted to go to work. The complainant decided to go alone.

“Upon arrival he met the defendant who told him that her husband had been bewitched by his girlfriend, so the deliverance process required her to find a boyfriend and have sex with him and then to wipe the semen with a cloth.”

“She would then bring the semen back to him for the delivery process. The complainant told the defendant that she could not get a boyfriend and so the defendant offered to take the role of the boyfriend. The accused asked the complainant to lie down and take off her pants, which she complied with. The accused then had sexual intercourse with the complainant once without her consent. »

“After the act, the complainant used a white cloth given to her by the accused to wipe up the semen. The accused then laced the cloth with snuff (Bute) before burning it at the shrine. The accused then gave the complainant snuff (Bute) to smear on her face and stomach before leaving for her husband’s house as the accused had promised her that her husband would automatically accept it. »

“When the complainant arrived at her husband’s, he refused to take her back and she realized she had been duped.”

“The next day, December 20, 2021, the complainant returned to the accused and told him that her procedure had not worked, but instead the accused asked to have sex with her again. .”

“The complainant refused and left the shrine to Christ Life International Church where she told her ordeal to Pastor Simbarashe Kamudede who then visited the shrine with the complainant where they located the accused.”

Meanwhile, the accused is in custody for rape.


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