Why Robyn’s ‘Spirit Babies’ Beliefs Are Sparking Fan Theories


Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown has always been an outside-the-box thinker, but viewers don’t know why she thinks there are spiritual children.

sister wives viewers have never held back their opinion of Robyn Brown, especially when it comes to her childlike thinking and ideas of “baby spirits.“Robyn’s opinions have at times seemed odd to a lot of people who think she’s often stuck in her own fantasy world. An example of this happened recently on the show.

During sister wives season 16, Robyn revealed to Kody that she had a unique vision of a little boy who was meant to be their son. During the conversation, Robyn expressed her desire to have more children even though Kody was older, but needed him to be one hundred percent committed to moving forward on the journey together. Kody was often called out for his insensitive remarks towards each of his four wives, but seemed open to listening to Robyn about expanding their family together.


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During the same episode, Janelle explained that the Browns and their church, the Apostolic United Brethren, believe their family is “predestined. Meanwhile, viewers tried to get the idea that a 42-year-old woman with five children would want to expand her already large family. Many concluded that Robyn’s beliefs were literally out of this world. Robyn has often spoken of the fact that “beings“are there awaiting birth, which led to her really pushing for another child in the last season. For many sister wives viewers, it was hard to understand how Robyn truly believed that there were a set number of souls promised to each mother, and it was the mother’s job to make sure they were born. In a Reddit thread, user boldnewlife wrote: “It’s the most ridiculous thing ever.

Robyn Brown in Sister Wives

Other commenters called her baby a theory “absurdity.“Robyn’s Heavenly Theories failed to convince many followers of the show who found fault when they pointed out that if Robyn’s theories are correct, then why isn’t God doing it,”to be almighty,“bringing the baby spirits through Meri, who desperately tried for a second child.sweet little spirit” will find the perfect home at the right time without Robyn’s particular visions.

Robyn has always been seen as the manipulative wife, with sister wives viewers always feel like she may have an ulterior motive. It could very well be that Robyn made up her spiritual baby story to make sure Kody never takes a fifth wife. The theory would be that Robyn wants Kody to commit to wanting no more children, thus removing any possibility of courting another woman in the future. Although Robyn may be insecure, she could technically still have another child at the age of 42 if Kody accepts more. Until we know more, it looks like Robyn’s spirit babies will have to keep orbiting the earth until they’re called from heaven to become a Brown.

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