Why Paedon Thinks Life Would Be “Dark” Without a Show


Sister Wives’ Paedon Brown shares her perspective on growing up in a polygamous family, noting that life could have been bleak without her big family.

Recently, Paedon Brown of sister wives talked a lot about his family as he noted that life would have been pretty “dark” without his father, Kody Brown, founding his great polygamous clan. Paedon has been on a journey when it comes to talking about the Browns. Christine Brown and Kody’s son has already shared some insight into his relationship and is ready to share some more with fans.

The 23 year old sister wives The star has taken time to air her grievances with several members of her family lately. He has previously shared with his followers that he and his father are not on good terms and how they need to work on their communication skills. He shared that he was rude to Robyn Brown’s kids when he noticed Kody was spending so much time with them. Paedon also talked about Meri Brown and how he’s not allowed to talk about her in interviews. It looks like he talks about any other family-related topics, including how he thinks his family would have been without the TLC show.


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During a TikTok Live, Paedon explained how his large family might have behaved if the TLC show had never materialized. Paedon boldly claimed that he owed his life to the series, because otherwise his vision would have been “dark” the best. The National Guard cadet credited sister wives to get him and his siblings out of a future of unhappy polygamous marriage and repression. According to Paedon, if he were still in Utah, he would already have a wife and “probably courting a second wife.” It was obvious to fans and Paedon, who looks like Kody, that the show allowed the family to open up and see a world of different life possibilities.

Sister wives Kody Christine and Paedon Brown

During the Live, Paedon attributed his family’s openness to being kicked out of the Apostolic United Brethren Church in 2017. The ex-communication was largely due to Meri’s catfishing scandal, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise. Paedon noted that his sister, Mariah, who came out as gay on the show, would have been shunned had the Browns continued on the path they were on in Utah.

Like sister wives as fans know, Paedon and Mariah have been embroiled in a public feud for a few years. Paedon still holds conservative beliefs, while Mariah has actively fought injustice and spoken out against Donald Trump’s presidency. Paedon’s ability to recognize how different his life would have been without the show has opened the eyes of fans who hope he will continue to shed light on the issues plaguing the Mormon community.

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Source: Paedon Brown/TikTok

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