When life is an opera


A sweet and sparkling buffet of regional breads and breakfast treats waited all day by the pool as we wrapped up the 3-day festivities for the Litre-Prunskis wedding celebration in Provence, France.

Everyone looked fresh after a dip. It was laid-back throughout as guests lingered, nursing hangovers, still delighted with the afterglow of love that swept over everyone from the lucky couple – Owen and Maxine Prunskis.

I leave you with a series of photos of this memorable event where they both exchanged their vows. And they lived happily ever after!

Great abs Matt Thomas at the pool; in the middle, Patrick and Karen Liter bring their daughter Maxine to the altar; on the right, ELG and Cougar Oswald*
Melissa Lopez and Lourdes Matters; in the middle, Maxine Liter and Dina Dwyer; on the right, Buffet pastries of the next day*
Farniente by the pool; on the right, swimming outfit for the last day*
France and JP Archier, Tom Devos and Pierre Cerruti; right, singles hold Lithuanian ribbons led by Bea Osmeña*
Liter Family; on the right, Corinne and Sébastien Cerruti, Fabien Liter*
For each ribbon, a kiss; in the middle, Melissa Lopez and Pål Larsen; right, TIDE freebies for spot cleaning, chewing gum, sticky glitter, party headache pills are available in the washrooms*
The first banquet hall of the beautiful world*
Floral Centerpiece; on the right, guys dancing on the tables*
The elegant setting of the castle; on the right, second banquet hall*


The prospect of the righteous is a joy, but the hopes of the wicked are dashed. Proverbs 10:28, NIV*


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