What happened to Saint Matthias?


After becoming the “replacement” apostle, Saint Matthias may have founded a church in Cappadocia.

Saint Matthias was chosen to replace Judas as one of the twelve apostles. He witnessed the events of the resurrection and was part of the group that followed Jesus from the earliest days.

What happened to Saint Matthias?

Some traditions claim that Matthias traveled to Ethiopiawhile others say he stayed in Judaea. A reliable tradition states that Matthias founded a church in Cappadocia and served the Christians on the shores of the Caspian Sea. It is said that a particular feature of his preaching was a call to personal mortification to cleanse oneself of the desires of the flesh. Saint Clement of Alexandria attributes the following quote to Saint Matthias, “It is up to us to fight the flesh and make use of it, without pampering it with illicit gratifications. As for the soul, we must develop its power through faith and knowledge.

It is believed that he died a martyr and was beheaded with an ax in Colchis at the hands of the many pagans there.

Although little is known of his life, the appointment of Matthias as an apostle is the earliest evidence the Catholic Church has of apostolic succession, explaining why even today popes and bishops are chosen to replace those who preceded them.


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