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“Israel has never had a best friend, and yet I got 25% of the vote.”

The former president joined an online meeting of faith community supporters on September 2 to launch his National Faith Advisory Council, but two weeks later there is still no public list of who sits on this advisory board and virtually no social media buzz from pastors. identify with the movement.

Paula White-Cain

The group’s website mentions only three names: Paula White-Cain, president and founder of the group; Jennifer Korn, senior advisor to the group; and Amanda Robbins Vargo, engagement manager.

Those who visit the website – and the brand new Twitter and Facebook pages – are invited to join the movement, but if anyone is joining and if so, who they are, has not been revealed. White said in the launch video that “70 executives” are already on board the group.

The two most prominent Baptist pastors on Trump’s faith advisory team when he was president were Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas and Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. Neither Jeffress nor Graham appear to have mentioned the new Faith Advisory Team on their otherwise very active Twitter feeds.

The new group’s website touts its purpose: “The same trusted team that served the halls of the White House for four years will continue to champion the issues you hold dear.”

And in a welcome letter to the site, the movement’s three leaders entice potential members with these words: “We accomplished so much together in the White House under the Trump administration as we fought for believers every day.” With your help, we have built a unique coalition of faith leaders – some who have been very involved but many who are getting involved for the first time. Through tens of thousands of you we have reached millions of believers.

The reformed group – with no ties to formal government power – “will continue our mission to work with you as a team to advocate for the issues most important to us all with ONE strong voice,” the letter promises. “We will protect our religious freedoms at home and abroad, in order to worship and live according to our faith.”

“Everything is based on God – it’s so important. God is so important to the success of what we do. Because without God, we have nothing. — Donald Trump

Members are promised “regular policy updates”, advocacy on “critical policy issues” and access to “regular conference calls and events with prominent leaders”.

In his own comments during the online launch – which is now listed as a private video but was reported by Religion News Service – Trump was asked about the role of faith in his life. He replied, “It’s all based on God—it’s so important. God is so important to the success of what we do. Because without God, we have nothing.

The National Faith Advisory Council may be an attempt to replicate the White House Faith and Opportunity initiative created by Trump in 2018 and also led by White, a prosperity gospel televangelist from Florida who is seen as little orthodox – if not heretical – by most Christian clergy. The day after the 2020 presidential election, White appeared on Facebook Live leading a prayer service where she called for “angelic reinforcement” from Africa and South America to secure the election of Trump.

Jennifer Korn

Korn served as Trump’s special assistant through the White House Public Liaison Office, a role her LinkedIn profile still lists as current eight months after Trump’s departure. Previously, she held various positions with Republican-affiliated organizations.

Amanda RobbinsVargo

Vargo, who also worked in Trump’s White House Public Liaison Office, worked briefly for the Office of Management and Budget and previously worked for the conservative advocacy group Heritage Action for America.

The Trump team working on religious initiatives in the White House “has (become) the strongest coalition in modern history,” White said. “Our unity has brought unprecedented victories, influence and access.”

For his part, Trump intervened with the kind of vague statements around which he built his brand:

From the Biden administration: “A lot of things have happened when it comes to faith and religion, and they’re not good things.”

Of his own successes: “One of my greatest honors has been to fight for religious freedom and to defend the Judeo-Christian values ​​and principles of the founding of our nation.

On the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to block Texas abortion law: “Even last night you’re getting some very powerful decisions, more powerful than anyone would have thought.”

Trump also continued to preach the big lie that he actually won the 2020 presidential election but it was “stolen” from him.

On his failure to win over more Catholics in the 2020 election: “I’m a little surprised we haven’t done better with the Catholic vote. I think now they would give us a vote. I think we got about 50% of the vote. And yet, we have done a lot for the Catholic vote. So we will have to talk to them. We will have to meet the Catholics.

“Israel has never had a best friend, and yet I got 25% of the vote.”

Of his lack of support from the American Jewish community: “Look at what I did with the embassy in Jerusalem and what I did with so many other things. …Israel has never had a best friend, and yet I got 25% of the vote.

Of his potential run for president in 2024: “All I can tell you is that I think we need to have a great election and we need to have a strong vote. If we don’t have a very strong vote, then…I’ll talk to you in the future, but it won’t be very positive.

The name of at least one other religious leader support for the new effort is known: Robert Morris, pastor of the multi-campus Gateway Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Morris continues to preach the lie that the presidential election was “stolen” from Trump. He appeared at the end of the September 2 video launch to pray for God’s intervention in this imaginary theft: “I pray for those Americans who voted the wrong way. I pray, God, that they’ll see what–bad administration, what it does to a great nation. I pray, Lord, that You’ll even do something, Lord, for our electoral system. That we will never have another election stolen from the American people – the American people.

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