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The Diocese of Arlington announces the new availability of Mass in Extraordinary Form as directed by Pope Francis.

The future of the Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Arlington became clearer with the July 29 announcement of a new diocesan policy to implement Pope Francis’ 2021 Apostolic Letter published “motu proprio,” titled “Traditional custodians(“Keepers of Tradition”). The Mass celebrated according to the 1962 Missal is often called the Traditional Latin Mass, Extraordinary Form or “Usus Antiquior”.

In “Traditionis Custodes » and a subsequent clarification document, or “responsa ad dubia”, enacted in December, the Holy See has established several rules and limitations of the Traditional Latin Mass for bishops around the world to implement. Pope Francis said it was part of an effort “to go ever further in the constant search for ecclesial communion”.

“Having heard the pastors of the parishes where the usus antiquior is celebrated, as well as the faithful who have participated in these liturgies, I recognize the pastoral need to allow the worship of the Mass according to the roman missal of 1962 as we work toward a unified celebration of the Sacred Liturgy in the Diocese of Arlington,” Bishop Michael F. Burbidge wrote in a letter outlining the new policy, which reflects recommendations from a committee of priests.

In total, the traditional Latin Mass will be celebrated in eight locations across the diocese when the policy comes into effect on the feast day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, September 8.

In five parishes, the liturgy will move from the main church to a new location, following the Holy See’s directive to reserve parish churches for the new, or reformed, liturgy.

These places are All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas (in the Renaissance Montessori School in Nokesville); Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Winchester (within Sacred Heart Academy); St. John the Apostle Church in Leesburg (in the historic chapel); St. John the Baptist Church in Front Royal (at Chelsea Academy); and St. Patrick’s Church in Fredericksburg (in the old church building).

Additionally, the diocese announced that Bishop Burbidge had requested and received a dispensation from Rome for three parishes to continue celebrating the usus antiquior in their parish church: St. Anthony of Padua Church in King George; St. John the Beloved Church in McLean; and Saint Rita Church in Alexandria. The dispensation from the Holy See is granted for two years, after which the diocesan bishop may request an extension.

Priests from across the diocese, upon request and authorization, will remain available to provide coverage in these eight locations, according to diocesan officials.

Since the publication ofTraditionis Custodes » last July, Bishop Burbidge promised fidelity and loyalty to the directives of the Holy Father, while ensuring the pastoral care of parishioners who wish to participate in the traditional Latin Mass.

In accordance with the requirements ofTraditionis Custodes”, Bishop Burbidge said he has appointed a delegate, Fr. Bjorn Lundberg, Pastor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to “assist in the implementation of this policy and oversee the pastoral and spiritual care of the faithful affected by it.”

In an interview, Fr. Lundberg said an advisory committee, made up of priests who celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form and others, advised Bishop Burbidge in a highly consultative and respectful process. Despite the changes, the traditional Latin Mass will still be widely available to interested parishioners.

At Holy Trinity Church in Gainesville, at least some Traditional Latin Mass worshipers are expected to join in the liturgy that will be offered at the All Saints’ Day location beginning in September. Addressing parishioners during the July 31 Mass, Pastor Father Thomas P. Vander Woude said details such as new Mass times will be worked out in consultation with congregants over the coming weeks.

Fr. Lundberg and Fr. Paul D. Scalia, Diocesan Episcopal Vicar for Clergy and Pastor of St. James Church in Falls Church, said most Traditional Latin Mass worshipers are already part of their parish community. They also participate in the Reformed liturgy, whether at daily Mass, on Holy Days of Obligation or while traveling, which reflects a longstanding pastoral approach, according to Fr. Lundberg. The liturgy is celebrated by diocesan priests integrated into local parish life. “It is always our priests who take care of our people.”

“While these new standards will bring changes to places and times of worship, I ask everyone in our diocese to maintain a spirit of unity and fidelity,” Bishop Burbidge said as he concluded his letter. “May we pray together that the Holy Spirit will always enliven us through the beauty of the sacred liturgy with the grace and mercy of Our Lord.

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Read and download the Custodes Traditionis Implementation Policy in the Diocese of Arlington by clicking here.


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