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Many people are often confused when they hear the name Vatican City for the first time and confuse it with a city. But in reality, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and holds great significance to Catholics around the world. There are many amazing things about this country that will make you wonder how you ignore something so intriguing.

Previously, from the founding years of Rome (around 800 BCE) until the end of the Roman Empire, a marshy area on the west bank of the Tiber opposite the city of Rome was known as the Ager Vaticanus. It is located between the Janiculum, the Vatican Hill, and Monte Mariountil Aventine Hill and to the confluence of the cremera creek.

During the reign of the Roman Empire, the Romans called this place the Vatican, where the rich and powerful built their villas and gardens. The Third Emperor of Rome, caligula built a large circus there. In 64 CE a huge fire broke out in the city of Rome which destroyed 2/3rd of this one. According to the historian Tacitfifth and last emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, Nero, himself set fire to the city. He planned to rebuild Rome as he had imagined it and build his huge golden house (Domus Aurea). But modern historians believe that at the time of the fire, Nero was away at Atine and the fire could have been an accident instead. But according to traditional Christian beliefs, Saint Peter was crucified by Nero under the curtains of the Great Fire.

The Vatican emerged as the heart of the Catholic Church at the time 4e century of our era., after the construction of a basilica on the tomb of Saint Peter in Rome. It became a popular place of pilgrimage and trading district, but was abandoned following the move of the papal court to France in 1309. The Papal States, which covered much of the Italian peninsula, were ruled by popes for over a thousand years. years until the middle of the 19th century.

In 1870, during Italian unification, the Pope’s possessions were left in limbo when Rome itself was annexed by Italian forces. In 1871, the Quirinal Palace was confiscated by the King of Italy and became the royal palace. The popes resided quietly within the walls of the Vatican, but they did not recognize the right of the Italian king to rule in Rome.

Modern Vatican City came into existence when the Lateran Treaty was signed between the Holy See and the Kingdom of Italy between Pierre Gasparri (for Pope Pius XI) and Benito Mussolini (behalf King Victor-Emmanuel III) on February 11, 1929. The treaty later entered into force on June 7, 1929, establishing the Independent State of Vatican City and reaffirming the special status of Catholic Christianity in Italy.

Today, Vatican City is a bit more 0.44 m². kilometers in the Rome city area making it the smallest country in the world and you can walk around it in less than an hour.No permanent citizenship is given as no one is born here as there is no There are no hospitals or delivery rooms in the country. Citizenships are granted only on the basis of appointment to a certain position in the service of the Holy See. In 2022, the population of the country is just over 500 making it the least populated country in the world.

It is really hard for anyone to believe that the country with the smallest population is also the one with the highest crime rate. This is not because it has more crime than other countries, but because it has more crime per capita, due to most crime to tourists who flock to the area.

Despite its small size, Vatican City holds assets worth more than $8 billionmaking it the 18the richest country in terms of per capita income. The majority of its economy is supported financially by sales of stamps, coins, medals and tourist souvenirs as well as museum admission fees, sales of publications and donations from the faithful of the Catholic Church .

The current ruler of Vatican City is Pope Francis who is also the 266e Bishop of Rome since March 13, 2013. He is also the leader of 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide and is responsible for the unification The voice of Catholicism and the centralization of its doctrine. It is protected by 135 Swiss soldiers all the time, who are also part of the population of the smaller country.

It is the only country in the world where there are no prisons but a few remand cells. The Vatican Bank ATM has instructions written on it in the Latin language although Italian is the official language of Vatican City. It is also home to the shortest railway tracks in the world which are only a 300 meters in length and are only used for the conveyance of goods, usable in a single station, Citta Vaticano.

The Vatican City Secret Archives, also known as the Vatican Apostolic Archives are the country’s central repository that hides state papers, correspondence, account books, and many other records that the church has accumulated over the centuries.

In the Vatican, the two most important sites not to be missed under any circumstances are St. Peter’s Basilica. and the Sixtine Chapel. The basilica is the tomb of Saint Peter, which is of great importance to Catholics around the world, and the other is the rectangular hall, the Pope home chapel. The walls and ceilings of the chapel are covered with beautiful frescoes by Michelangelo and others illustrating the idea of creation as described in Genesiswhile the side walls feature frescoes of biblical scenes.

Vatican City is also the country’s only fully declared World Heritage Site, making it even more appealing to tourists and history buffs.


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