The final rod ceremony marks the official launch of Crop Over


Portvale Sugar Factory was a scene of bright color and noise on Saturday as the Crop The 2022 season was officially launched with the final rod ceremony.

The evening’s festivities began with a rhythmic procession filled with Barbados Landship bands, steel panners, dancers and more, traveling from the Rock Hall Freedom Village to the Portvale Sugar Factory, where Barbadians were treated to the traditional blessing of the canes, which signals the start of the summer festival.

Members of the Sons of God Apostolic Church again opened the annual ceremony by blessing the canes and the season, and asked Barbadians to thank Barbadians for staying safe during the last years of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID, which have been filled with a lot of uncertainty.

During her brief remarks, Prime Minister Mia Mottley called on Barbadians to fully embrace the season, not only with its revelry and festive experiences, but also to use it as a time to care for their fellow citizens.

“Today is a day to give thanks and for us to recognize that for the next four to six weeks we need to walk around and have fun, be careful but be safe, and do what you can to take care of others around of you,” Mottley said.

“I say this not just because of COVID, but because we need everyone to protect each other in these times… when Crop came, the suffering our ancestors faced, was far greater than anything we face today, but they overcame it…they agreed that they would come together and appreciate the effort and the discipline they were putting in before. (SB)

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