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Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine in Winslow included Rosary and Mass in Latin

Posted: 22 October 2021

Maryanne Meyerriecks

Pilgrims from Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Springdale recite the Rosary at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Ozarks in Winslow on October 10. Parishioners walked 20 miles over two days from Springdale to Winslow.

WINSLOW – Mary Frances Sulzen and her extended family have been making a pilgrimage for 25 years to the only shrine in the diocese.

This year, she was joined by other parishioners from Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Springdale as they walked to Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine in Winslow from October 8-9.

“We have been reciting the rosary at the shrine for 25 years, followed by a family celebration at home,” said Sulzen, organizer of the pilgrimage. “In 2020 we have decided to add a 32 mile pilgrimage on foot, starting at our home in West Fork. We hiked 11 miles on Friday and camped at Brentwood Park (in Winslow), walking the last nine miles on Saturday morning.”

Once at the sanctuary, the pilgrims recited about ten rosaries and sang a hymn at each of the five stations: Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, the Virgin of the Smile, Christ crucified (consoled by angels), the Sacred Heart and Saint Antoine. Father Joshua Passo, FSSP, parish priest of Our Lady of Sorrows, led the procession and celebrated mass in Latin.

“The other pilgrims told us about the history of the shrine along the way, and it was a pleasant experience to be there with other members of our Catholic community.”

“I like to consider a pilgrimage as an apostolic tradition, as something that was handed down to us a long time ago, but still alive today,” said Father Passo. “As a priest and above all a pastor, I want to lead my parishioners in this spiritual tradition of the Church.

“As the pastor of a new parish, of a new spiritual family, I was so proud and happy to see us together. It’s times like this when I see the faithful souls of God coming together. with holy desires to please and bring glory to God, with a spirit of joy and humility, which makes sacrifice and priesthood struggles so rewarding. “

Parishioner Pauline Sulzen, Mary Frances’ youngest daughter, said: “We pray today for our very young and relatively small parish.

Parishioners had attended Latin Masses at St. Joseph’s Church in Tontitown for many years until the group purchased and renovated a building into their own church. The parish was founded in November 2020 by Bishop Anthony B. Taylor with priests from the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.

Since then, the parish has continued to grow. Katie and Bill Zeunges and their six children are new members of Our Lady of Sorrows Church.

“We moved here from San Diego, Calif., In November with six other families,” Katie said. “We were from a FSSP parish, St. Anne’s in San Diego. We all wanted a little less hectic life, and we chose Northwest Arkansas specifically because of Our Lady of Sorrows Church. . “

“We’ve bought homes as far north as Bentonville and Bella Vista and as far south as Chester. We all teach our kids at home, but we don’t often get together outside of church. In San Diego. , we had a very large parish and a home schooling community. It’s a lot quieter, but it’s a really good thing. “

About 50 people made the entire pilgrimage, and more joined the group in Brentwood Park on Saturday morning. A few people met the group at Our Lady of the Ozarks, including several elderly people, Virginia Poppe Sulzen and her four-week-old daughter.

“Father Passo walked the first stage of the pilgrimage with us,” said Pauline Sulzen, “but he had to say mass and go to confession on Saturday morning before joining us.”

The Zeunges family said they enjoyed their first pilgrimage.

“We haven’t had a pilgrimage to California,” said Katie Zeunges. “The other pilgrims told us about the history of the shrine along the way, and it was a pleasant experience to be there with other members of our Catholic community.”

As her family enjoyed the potluck, scavenger hunts, piñata, and wagon rides at the Sulzen’s Family Fest in West Fork, Wash., Katie Zeunges credited their parish with the smooth transition to a new home 1,500 miles away.

“The beautiful community of Our Lady of Sorrows welcomed us immediately and we have felt at home ever since,” she said.

The shrine, a mission of the Immaculate Conception Church in Fort Smith, hosted its 75th anniversary mass and pilgrimage in the field on October 10.

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