Santa and Gasso Claws – The Island


Santa Claus came from the extremely snow-capped forest mountains of Finland, bringing joy to the children of Sri Lanka. The kids who slept lightly while waiting for Santa Claus would certainly have heard the bells of the sleigh pulled by the nine reindeer, led by Rudolph the red nose.

Santa Claus brought Christmas cheer to children going through most of the Covid worries their parents faced, and the gifts were simple joys, packets of treats for the little ones waiting for the fun of the Christmas party. .

The parents of the children would also have appreciated this visit from Santa Claus, because it diverted their minds a little from all the worries of the spread of the Covid, with this growing threat of Omicron.

Christmas has arrived and the celebrations are certainly underway, with hymns of joy and prayers for peace and love. Christmas trees are rich in decorations and simple gifts of rejoicing and delight spread around them in this difficult time.

Christ was lying in a manger in the stable in Bethlehem, where he was born, with the smiles of the shepherds, and the sounds and smells of the animals around him. The story of Christmas has returned to the people, and the hopes and prayers of Christian love will continue.

Gasso Claws

But the explosions of Christmas cheer also brought us to the reality of gas explosions. People should definitely get away from big talk and mockery of big names in Litro Gas Company, Minister of Commerce Bandula Gunawardane, Minister of State for Consumer Affairs Lasantha Alagiyawanna, senior DIG official Deshabandu Tennakoon and other members of the police, and hangers on to the Consumer Authority (CAA).

Litro Gas hasn’t told us the truth about all the recent gas explosions – more than 800 since November of this year – that have killed mothers, damaged homes and kitchens significantly, and pushed millions of LPG users in the country in constant fear.

We now have the truth about Gasso who was dishonestly manipulated by Litro Gas, the police, departmental secretaries, cabinet ministers and ministers of state and all those who had authority over the gas supply to the provinces. homes, restaurants and other cuisines. The truth, which all related persons have been made aware of, has now been confirmed by a commission of inquiry appointed by the president himself. Do we also ignore this and think of a country, no gas laws?

It’s a shocking story that dates back to April / May this year, when then-Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) executive director Thushan Gunawardena warned of the danger posed by the change in membership. gas in these cylinders. He drew the attention of Minister of Commerce Bandula Gunawardane, Minister of State for Consumer Affairs Lasantha Alagiyawanna, the President’s office and many other officials to the danger of gas explosions.

What we have seen since then is also a huge deception and deception of the people – the gas users in danger – during a press briefing at the Presidential Media Division. Presidential media spokesperson KIngsley Ratnayaka moderated the briefing, where there was total denial that the gas leaks and continuous explosions were due to a change in the composition of the gas in the cylinders. What a profound revelation, and who said that – Thesara Jayasinghe, Chairman of Litro Gas Limited, himself.

Fireworks and firecrackers aside this Christmas season, we certainly need to move on to full law enforcement against these LPG compounding manipulators, and all those who have deliberately failed to take action against it, while being fully informed of the dangers involved.

Why have all of these people in key positions totally ignored, neglected or willfully failed to initiate any further investigation and / or action into the dangers revealed by the then CEO of CAA? Do these people from a cabinet minister to the president of a crown corporation, a police SDIG and so many others just think that gas shots can be easily transmitted to stoves in kitchens, to the tubes which carry the gas or to other instruments?

All of these people, who received the letters from the former CAA General Manager, are individually and collectively responsible for the cooking gas disasters that have taken place since November of this year, and which will continue for perhaps several weeks. or several more months. They are certainly guilty of criminal negligence, to say the least.

Moving away from Christmas celebrations, this is a huge challenge facing the country in this New Year. Santa Claus may have given joy to our children this Christmas time, but Litro Gas has given a huge task to the people and government of Sri Lanka. We could pay millions of dollars to a Chinese supplier of rejected and poisoned fertilizer, which could be the subject of a Rajapaksa settlement, certainly requiring a bigger political fight on the part of the SJP-NPP-JVP and any other opposition actor.

But this gas catastrophe is by no means an accident, but a deliberately manipulated and twisted change in the composition of the gas in the cylinders. A malfeasance clearly supported by all those responsible who have received repeated warnings on this subject, and which has moved against the people for several months.

Many questions arise today about the criminality of people in key positions of governance and state services and authorities. The petitioner in the court case which has brought some relief to troubled and grieved people, will he ask for the information the former CAA executive director gave to the minister, Litro and the president’s office as well? Is there any legal objection to such evidence?

Also, our legal traditions prevent or oppose the Court of Justice seized of this case to find out for itself, with all the judicial power, from the letters sent to ministers, business leaders, cabinet of the President and others, giving the warning about the twisted composition of the cooking gas? We look forward to the power of the courts to protect people.

Many people today stand out safely and are certainly guilty of criminal negligence of the information given to them months before the onset of the tragedies. Who should be held responsible for the lives of mothers and children whose lives were lost due to these gas explosions, and what to do with senior police officers who tried to blame the stove’s equipment, without do a real investigation of the information available?

This is where the rule of law should apply, on behalf of the people, and against crooked manipulators of regulations and the law.

The New Year brings little hope to the people of relief from all the pains of bad and twisted governance they suffer today. Good and effective legal action against all those responsible for these Gasso Claws will certainly bring some relief to the people, and even a small step away from the emerging drama of Gotabaya-Rajavaasala in the year to come.


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