Pope Francis in Canada: “I am wounded”


this new copy of L’Osservatore Romano entirely in Spanish dedicated to the historic apostolic journey of Pope Francisco A Canada (July 24 to 30). From its cover, in images and in text, the penitentiary pilgrimage of Pope Bergoglio He wanted to print for his travels:I apologize for the harm that so many Christians have done”, referring to the indigenous population of this country.

He did so during a meeting with representatives of the country’s indigenous communities in Maskavasis on the morning of Monday, July 25— First Nations, Métis and Inuit– to whom he addressed this speech in Spanish, which is written in full on the second page of this issue.

During his message, Pope Francis also expressed:He came to his native land to tell you personally that I am wounded, to seek forgiveness, healing and reconciliation from God, to show you my closeness, to pray with you and for you., I am here today, in this country which, with an ancient memory, still bears the scars of open wounds. I am among you because the first step in this pilgrimage of penance is to renew my request for forgiveness and to tell you with all my heart that I am deeply hurt: by the way, unfortunately, I apologize, Many Christians adopted the colonial mentality of the powers who oppressed the indigenous peoples”.

Pope Francis with natives.

,I am hurt, I apologize, in particular, for the way in which many members of the Church and religious communities cooperated, in indifference, with these projects of cultural destruction and forced assimilation of the governments of the time, who ended up in the school system. In this first stage, I wanted to make room for memory. Today I am here to remember the past, to mourn with you, to gaze upon the earth in silence, to pray from the graves. Let the silence help us internalize the pain. silence and prayerhe reflected.

In “Church of the Sacred Heart of First PeoplesIn Edmonton, the pope met with representatives of the indigenous population and members of the parish community on Monday afternoon, July 25. The text of the pope’s message in Spanish is published with this edition.

The unmarked graves of thousands of children in Canada call for justice and shame Francis

He said there:It pains me to think that some Catholics have contributed to policies of assimilation and dissolution, which express feelings of inferiority, alienating communities and individuals from their cultural and spiritual identities., cutting their roots to promote prejudice and discriminatory behavior, and that this was also done in the name of an education considered Christian. Education must always begin with respecting and promoting the talents already present in people. It is not, and cannot be, something already imposed, because education is the adventure of simultaneously exploring and discovering the secret of life.

The Mass celebrated by Pope Francis on the third day of his visit to Canada was huge and significant Commonwealth Stadium D Edmonton, On the morning of Tuesday, July 26, the religious feast of Saints Joaquin and Ana, more than fifty thousand people filled the sports facility in the Alberta capital, where the celebration took place, during which the pontiff distributed the Homlie published in Spanish with this . edition of the vatican newspaper.

Pope Francis in Canada.

Pope Francis said: “Joaquin and Anna are interceding for us. May they help us preserve the history that produced us and build a creative history. Remind them of the spiritual importance of honoring their presence, using their presence to build a better future. A future in which the elderly are not left out because functionally “they are not necessary”; A future that does not measure the value of people by what they produce, A future that is not indifferent to those who are already advanced in age requires more time, listening and attention; a future in which a history of violence and Marginalized Suffered by our native brothers and sisters. It is a possible future, if we do not break, with the help of God, the ties with those who preceded us and cultivate the dialogue with those who will come after us: young and old, grandparents and grandson. , together. Let’s go together, let’s dream together.

Pope Francis arrives Quebec Departure from Edmonton in the morning, in the afternoon of Wednesday July 27th. At the official residence of the Governor General of Canada, he addressed a meeting with civil servants, representatives of the indigenous population and the diplomatic corps. The pontiff addressed him in a speech in which he said: “I think particularly of the policies of assimilation and dissolution, which involved the residential school system and which harmed many indigenous families, their language, to their culture and to the world”. Undermined his vision of the With the bishops of the United States, I renew my plea for forgiveness for the wrong that so many Christians have done against indigenous peoples. I’m sorry for all of this. It is sad that some believers, as was the case in this historic era, do not conform to the gospel but to the convenience of the world.,

Christian Joy”It is associated with the experience of peace that remains in our hearts even when we are surrounded by trials and tribulations.This was indicated by Pope Francis on the afternoon of July 28 in the church of Our Lady of Quebec, during the celebration of Vespers with bishops, priests, deacons, saints, seminarians and pastoral workers. complete speech in which the Sovereign PontiffDo not be a prisoner of pessimism and resentment,


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