Pope at the French Social Weeks: Dreaming of means to promote integral development


Pope Francis sends a message to the Social Weeks of France, and encourages French citizens to dream together and to embark on paths of hope in favor of the most vulnerable and of Creation.

By Devin Watkins

The Church of France holds its annual meeting Social Weeks of France (SSF) which offers a platform for training and debate on major societal issues.

The event takes place from Friday to Sunday and this year takes place under the theme “Dare to dream the future: take care of people and the Earth”.

Dreaming together creates a new reality

Pope Francis sent a message, signed by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, to attendees, encouraging them to focus on reality as they dream of the future.

“We must not be afraid to dream”, declared the Pope, “especially if this dream is shared and carried together”.

The Pope called on the French to be inspired by the dreams he set out in his Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia.

He said that we must dream of a society that protects the rights of the poorest, preserves cultural wealth, preserves the natural beauty of the planet and welcomes the gospel message of the love of God expressed in Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis said these dreams can only come true if they are shared, as events like the French Social Weeks help facilitate them.

Christian hope for the world

The Pope added that the pandemic has taught us that “our lifestyles must change” and that we must dream of a future that “makes people want to live in hope”.

“As Christians, it is this beautiful virtue of hope that we can bring to the world in these decisive times,” he said.

Pope Francis concluded his message encouraging French citizens to let the Lord guide their discussions on social issues.

“May the Lord open your hearts, enlighten your minds and inspire your discussions, so that you can trace the paths of hope that our world so desperately needs, and that your work can support, defend and promote the care of Creation, of the most vulnerable, and the integral development of each person, including their fundamental spiritual dimension.


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