Politicians Devise Lethal Means for 2023 Elections in Oyo―Priest Warns


Founder, Christ Apostolic Church, Prayer Mountain of Mercy, Ibadan, Prophet Moses Aladeolu warned against violent 2023 elections in Oyo State, pointing to spiritual revelations that politicians are designing deadly ways, especially for the gubernatorial election in the state.

In a post titled, “God’s Revelation on Oyo State,” Aladeolu said, “Lord God Almighty has told me that many politicians are determined to take up the mantle of the state. They are willing to kill to be there.

Aladeolu said the message has become timely because God is not pleased with the plans and does not want the blood of an indigene of Oyo State to be shed in the name of the election.

He warned politicians against do-or-die politics, especially using the services of election thugs.

Aladeolu argued that such lethal measures were unnecessary, noting that Governor Seyi Makinde is sent by God and should be supported by everyone in the state for a second term.

He urged politicians to abandon the gubernatorial contest, noting that such a contest amounts to a waste of financial resources.

Aladeolu said, “Lord God Almighty loves us in Oyo State. So, he sent me to appeal to all in Oyo State. The kings and heads of every family in Oyo State unanimously wish to allow the incumbent Governor, Engineer Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde to continue to rule this state again.

“The Creator told me that he was not happy and did not want the blood of the natives of Oyo state to be wasted. God said he sent Engr. Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde.

“Please let us together allow him to lead once again.

“I am not a politician, nor a blood relative of this governor. I’m just a priest of God.

“Wait for the next election. You won’t die before and you won’t get sick.

“God told me to call on you. So please don’t spend your money on the governor’s seat. Do not employ the services of thugs. Everyone, don’t let your child be used by do-or-die politicians.

“I know you are wise and rich to rule. But let the incumbent lead as God has chosen. I call on all leaders of every political party to serve the ambition of being the current governor. I am convinced that God really appointed him to lead. Otherwise, he couldn’t have performed as well that first term amid fast, mean people who only want to amass wealth through governance.

“Yet the Governor of Oyo State has prudently done many things that his predecessor could not do. In fact, many of the former Governors of Oyo State were not so beneficial to the people. .

“They only converted government properties to themselves.

“But the reverse is the case with Governor Seyi Makinde, he made people happy. He employed more than seven thousand university graduates. He regularly pays the salaries of civil servants. In his tenure, the 13th month salary is known Because God Appointed Engr Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde has done many things to benefit the people of Oyo State.

“Therefore, please run for any other seat, not the Governor’s seat.

“God said he was still going to do a lot of things through him.”



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