Peter’s or Donald Trump’s chair


This is a letter addressed to Roman Catholics although I invite everyone to read it. ……….

Dear anti-Francis pro-Trump Catholic brothers:

For those of you who constantly criticize Pope Francis and the collective magisterial authority of the Church, why are you doing this? Don’t you remember that Pope Francis is the President of Peter/Vicar of Christ? Have you forgotten that he is the 266th successor of the apostle Peter? Do you remember that Jesus Christ Himself founded the Church on the Rock of Peter? If you don’t remember, please read the Gospel of Matthew chapter 16, a good dose of the early Church Fathers like Clemet, Tertullian, Peter of Alexandria, Jerome, etc., and some secular historical sources like the ‘Encyclopaedia Britannia and the New World. Encyclopedia. Is there a possibility that God actually placed Pope Francis in the pulpit of St. Peter for “a time like this?”

Pope Francis’ greatest strength is his grounding in Catholic social teaching which addresses these areas: the life and dignity of the human person, the call to the family, community, the rights and responsibilities of participation, the options for the poor and vulnerable, the dignity of work and rights. Workers and Solidarity. Pope Francis is a global servant-leader and can see the needs of humanity in a panoramic view unlike most of us. He spent many years serving the poor in places like Buenos Aires. I invite you to read his current encyclicals such as Fratelli Tutti, Laudato Si and Lumen Fidei which give many details on the state of humanity which is in crisis in the world. In these encyclicals, Pope Francis actually clarifies moral teachings while giving pastoral directives. Pope Francis further clarifies the Church’s historical teaching that all life is sacred, from conception to natural death. Yet our right-wing political climate has created an obsession with abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage, while even placing those teachings above life and the human dignity of the world. Is it possible that Pope Francis, the Vatican and the magisterial authority together are wiser than us? Do you think Pope Francis was right about administering vaccines? Do you think he is correct in saying that parents do not reject their gay children? I do; it saves tens of thousands of lives by following mainstream research and science.

I converted to Catholicism on the issue of authority and to receive authoritative guidance from the living collective voice of the time. Jesus Christ began the Catholic Church historically, so authority was passed down for 2000 years through the historical priesthood by apostolic succession. Peter was historically the primary authority as the first pope. All major secular historical sources confirm this. The Magisterium of the Church with the Chair of Peter is still the living voice of Catholics when it comes to issues such as voting, vaccines and other sciences, those modern issues that cannot be addressed by the Bible , the Fathers of the Church, or historical documents of the Church. During this election cycle, the common good of humanity as a whole has trumped the current abortion rate which has been steadily declining since Reagan. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops addressed 47 life issues in its voting guide that have been neglected and weaponized by the abortion issue for 40 years across American alt-right politics.

A friend of mine named John Woodman, a strong Christian, father of six, husband, published author, and researcher wrote this about the state of the American Church and our nation.

I also add the name of Pope Francis, not equating him with Christ but with his role as President of Peter/Vicar of Christ.

“Christ and Pope Francis stood for the truth; Trump has told thousands of lies. This was easily proven by anyone who tested his words. Christ, Pope Francis and our constitution say we are all created equal; Trump hissed at white supremacists and told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stay away.” Christ and Pope Francis represent fidelity; Trump has had multiple affairs, multiple wives, and cheated on a porn star while his wife was pregnant with their child. Christ and Pope Francis are for the poor; Trump pushed through a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class and working poor to his wealthy donors. Christ and Pope Francis speak of kindness to your neighbour; Trump’s rise has been marked by harassment and intimidation. Christ and Pope Francis say that leaders should be servants of all; Trump demanded absolute loyalty and did everything possible to destroy anyone who would not bow to him. Christ speaks of purity as Pope Francis apologizes for impurity in the Church; Trump bragged that he could catch women by the p#[email protected]% and had over 20 wives who all testified (2 Cor. 13:1) that he had sexually assaulted them. As a direct result of the election of the man we have chosen, who many Christians have also claimed was “God’s chosen” (Isaiah 5:20), America has experienced a massive number of COVID deaths of over one million deaths, more than half of which were entirely unnecessary. . –Woodman and Nichols

Please enjoy Francesco’s trailer below. It will remind you of the gift we have from Pope Francis and his love for all humanity as Jesus Christ. So let me ask you again, do you now choose Peter’s presidency or Donald Trump’s? Who best supports and encourages the radical love of Christ and the Gospels?


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