News summary: Ukrainians will receive Slovak military vehicles


Rising energy prices could close schools for the winter. A documentary about the Slovak Beatles photographer.

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Good evening. The Tuesday, August 23 edition of Today in Slovakia is ready with the day’s top news in less than five minutes.

Slovakia will send BVP1 vehicles to war

The defense ministries of Slovakia and Germany have signed an agreement which will see the arrival of a number of heavy machines in Slovakia and Ukraine.

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Slovakia will receive 15 German tanks, the Leopard 2 and 4, from Germany, and Slovakia will send 30 infantry fighting vehicles: the BVP 1.

The first German tank is expected to arrive in Slovakia this year. Slovakia will send its combat vehicles to its eastern neighbor in the coming weeks.

You can read more stories about the military here and about the war in Ukraine here.

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  • Schools: With higher energy bills, schools are considering extending winter holidays to cut costs.
  • LGBT+: A same-sex couple tried to obtain permanent residence in Slovakia without success. It’s court time.
  • Archeology: Researchers want to renew a 1922 excavation and find ancient graves, but don’t know the exact location.


Slovak behind iconic Beatles photographs

A new documentary, “Dezo Hoffmann – Photographer of the Beatles”, directed by Patrik Lančarič and produced by Patrik Pašš of Trigon Production, was released in Slovak cinemas at the beginning of summer this year. It’s been 110 years since the legendary, albeit forgotten by some standards, Slovak photographer was born, celebrating his life and legacy.

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  • The new apostolic nuncio Nicola Girasoli has arrived in Slovakia. The Italian worked as an apostolic nuncio in Peru. He was ordained a priest in 1980.
  • If Economy Minister Richard Sulík (SaS) leaves the ministerial post at the end of August due to the ongoing political crisis, Richard Prokypčak will join him. He runs Slovenský Plynárenský Priemysel, a major energy supplier in Slovakia.
  • The The Czech Republic on the Slovak border has started an exercise Tuesday morning to test the performance of the security forces. Checks have been temporarily introduced at border crossings.
  • The European Commission has not yet taken stand on investment aid of 267 million euros that Slovakia has announced for the electric vehicle factory of car manufacturer Volvo.
  • Entrance fees to national parks could be introduced to popular hiking trails, venues or top attractions to regulate visitor numbers, according to the Institute for Environmental Policy study. The total annual revenue from royalties could be between 6.6 and 11.1 million euros.
  • The The SaS party will vote for an additional tax on Russian oil, but its support depends on further tax cuts. The party wants to see the VAT on fuels drop from 20% to 8%.
  • A gas interconnector (103 km long on Slovak territory) between Slovakia and Poland should be launched on Friday August 26th. Slovakia is getting closer to using the global LNG network.
  • Sunflower Towersa travel agency specializing in tours in Egypt, puts an end to its activities and files for bankruptcy.
  • The company Mondi SCP in Ružomberok will suspend production for two weeks in September due to a shutdown of the entire plant for maintenance work.

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