Muslim student leaders in Kerala released from jail –


Twelve activists belonging to the Kerala Unit of the Student Islamic Organization (SIO) who were arrested and sent to jail by the Kerala Local Court for protesting the hijab ban at a government-funded school in Kozhikode , were released on bail on Thursday.

The Muslim activists including SIO National Committee Member Muhammed Saeed TK, State Campus Secretary Thashreef KP, State Committee Member Adv. Rahman Irikkoor and Deputy Secretary of State Aslah Kakkodi spent 11 days in Kozhikode prison. They were twice denied bail.

“Alhamdulillaah (praise be to God),” said Amjad Ali EM, Chairman of SIO Kerala State, while sharing the bail news.

The Muslim activists were greeted by hundreds of SIO, GIO and Jamaat-e-Islami Hind cadres outside the Kozhikode district jail.

Two weeks ago, a protest march was organized by the SIO, the Girls’ Islamic Organization (GIO) and the Muslim Students’ Federation (MSF) outside the Providence Girls Higher Secondary School in Kozhikode, where a Muslim girl 11th grader was forced to drop out because she was not allowed to wear the hijab to school.

Muslim student groups demanded that the state education department end its affiliation with the school because the school is taking an unconstitutional action.

The student leaders were charged under articles 143, 147, 148, 283, 353, 332 and 149 of the CIP.

Hijab ban: 16-year-old Muslim student gets transfer certificate from school

The Muslim student at Providence Girls Upper Secondary School in Kozhikode had to leave school three weeks ago after school authorities said she would not be allowed to wear the hijab.

The 16-year-old girl who received a transfer certificate joined the Govt Model Higher Secondary School in Kozhikode.

At the time of her admission, the pupil who applied for admission to the school for the Plus One course was reportedly told by the school authorities that she could not wear a shawl or scarf as it did not part of school uniform.

The student told the Media One channel that she will not be able to study in any school without wearing the hijab.

Musthafa, the student’s father, told reporters that they repeatedly asked school authorities if the student could wear a head covering, as part of his religious beliefs, but school authorities said that they couldn’t bend the rules for her.

Muslim organizations including the Islamic Student Organization of India and the Muslim Youth League have filed lawsuits against school authorities for what they called the denial of students’ right to wear the hijab on the campus.

Although the pupil’s father’s complaint was lodged with the Minister of Education, no action was taken against the school authorities. Last month, Minister V. Sivankutty asked the director of the department, K. Jeevan Babu, to investigate the matter. There was no development.

The school is under Christian management and led by a congregation called Apostolic Carmel Southern Province.

“It was a denial of his fundamental right to study in a school of his choice. The MYL would start an agitation if action was not taken against the school,” the leaders of the Muslim Youth League said.

“Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who raised the issue of hijab in Karnataka, which is the peak of fascism, should maintain the same position in his own state,” said Sunni leader Yuvajana Sangham (SYS), Sathar Panthalloor, making reference to CM Vijayan’s recent speech. in Karnataka.

The Brotherhood Movement, Islamic Student Organization of India, Campus Front of India, Muslim Youth League, Federation of Muslim Students and National League of India have organized various protest marches towards school last month, who were blocked by the police at the entrance to the school.

School principal Silvi told Media One there were no changes to school standards. “Things were explained to them (father and daughter). The student has the possibility of obtaining a transfer from the school. At this school, that would be the norm,” she said.

The school principal was unavailable for an answer.


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