Music degree transforms Mai Patai

May Patai

Once upon a time music and art were taught in former whites-only Group A schools as notable subjects, while venturing into music or art was generally shunned and shunned by the majority of communities indigenous.

This resulted in most early musicians and artists in the country being exposed to very little education. Many artists past and present rely on their innate talent and artistic passion, but reality dictates supporting talent and passion with qualification: And education becomes key.

Undoubtedly, when an artist acquires an education, it sharpens their talent, broadens their horizons and takes their vocation to a higher level.

However, if an artist lacks academic knowledge, it does not mean that he is less of an artist in his chosen genre. You could still be a successful artist without an academic

Recently, a number of musicians such as gospel singers Respina Patai popularly known as Mai Patai, Charles Charamba, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave and mbira queen Hope Masike among others have however signed up for different music programs .

This is a departure from the tradition where some of the country’s well-known musicians such as the late Leonard Dembo, James Chimombe and John Chibadura never considered improving their educational qualifications but simply put their talents to good use. .

Gweru-based award-winning gospel singer Mai Patai holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music, Musicology and Technology.

Mai Patai will release her fourth six-track album as a solo artist tomorrow titled watch and pray live on local radio, Radio Zimbabwefrom 9 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The launch will be streamed live on her Facebook page, Mai Patai Music and Flash TV.

In an extensive interview with NewsDay Life & Style before the launch, Mai Patai said that getting the music degree made her an improved singer.

“Studying a Bachelor of Science in Music, Musicology and Technology has improved my music and my performances compared to previous albums and performances,” she said.

Mai Patai said her songwriting has transformed, bringing with it maturity and a taste of old wine as she now has a better understanding of the music world.

“I think I’m just singing now, but I’m capturing and arranging everything professionally. Professional musicians and professionals will agree with me on that,” she said with a laugh.

“There is no doubt that this album is the best of all my previous albums because of the knowledge and maturity.”

Mai Patai said the holy spirit whispered to her that she should let the world know through the album Watch and pray.

“Holy Spirit Inspires Album Title watch and pray. I write and sing prophetic songs inspired by the holy spirit and the word of God,” she said.

“The album exists to be a prophecy or an answer from God depending on what people are going through, whether it’s at work, in family, in relationships, in the nation, despite all that we are going through and the suffering of our nation. .”

The album contains the following tracks: Ndinonyengetera, settle my case, Handikundikane, Musandisiye, Chii Chandingatye and Mwanakomana.

“The main message of the album is that we should focus on the cross and glorify Jesus despite whatever challenges we might face or what we might be going through, but keep your focus on the cross in good times or bad. I have so far shot videos, Handikundikane, Ndinonyengetera and Musandisiye. The album launch will be followed by videos for all remaining tracks,” she added.

watch and pray was recorded at VOT Studios and produced by Gibson Makumbe, while the songs were arranged by Mai Patai’s husband, Ephraim.

Mai Patai, who is also a pastor at Apostolic Faith Mission, says his pastoral cap helps give punch to his compositions, adding that being a pastor hasn’t changed his musical identity, however.

The songbird said God’s grace and fan support kept him in the competitive industry beyond his imagination and promised to release more music.

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