M’luru: Mount Carmel Central School Celebrates Establishment Day of the Congregation of Apostolic Carmel


Press release

Mangaluru, November 20: The Day of the Establishment of Apostolic Carmel in India, which is the school leadership, was celebrated at the Mount Carmel Central School in Mangaluru on November 19 with a solemn Eucharist. Thanksgiving Mass began with a bouncy hymn led by the Carmel Blossoms.

The celebrant, Fr. Michael OCD, despite being a senior priest, managed to grab the attention of the students. Her interaction with students, especially the little ones, made it known that her love for children had no limits.

Father Michael, affectionately known as Mickey Mouse (as he mentioned) had an interactive session during the homily with the students. His advice was that when we encounter crossroads in our daily lives and when we have a choice to make, anything is possible with faith and prayer. He referred to the young people in classes X and XII, when they feel called to a special service for the Lord, for consecrated life. He provided a keepsake for the students in class XII and a sticker for the students in class X to remember that they are called by Jesus, to serve the people of God.

After Mass, a short ceremony was organized in honor of our Foundress, Venerable Mother Véronique. A portrait of the Foundress was adorned with a garland by the celebrant Fr. Michael OCD and Principal Sr. Melissa. The sisters, teacher representatives, Carmel Blossoms president and vice president, and student representatives presented flowers to Venerable Mother Veronica with great devotion and reverence.

An informative presentation on the life of our Venerable Foundress Mother Veronica was viewed by all students and teachers. The principal asked the students to continue praying to Mother Veronica for favors to be bestowed as the cause of her beatification is taken up by the church. We pray that Mother Veronica will soon be elevated to the honor of holiness.


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