Hello residents of Miramar;

People’s Commissar Maxwell B. Chambers here, hoping you had a fantastic summer. My office worked hard to ensure that our physical interaction with you was the priority. Last summer, the pandemic hampered our ability to celebrate together safely, so this year we hosted events that atoned for past incapacities.
“In this journey adversity will come, but let those troubles and obstacles make you stronger”

Maxwell B Rooms

August was a wonderful, busy, interactive and productive month. As usual, we are doing our bi-weekly food distribution at Miramar United Methodist Church. Every other Thursday, we provide food to our residents in need. Please contact my office for more information (954) 602-3154.
Our annual National Night Out event has been a huge hit across the city. If you were unable to join this year’s rallies, please come next year to meet with our first responders and learn about the safety and security measures the City of Miramar is promoting within our community. My infamous popcorn and snow cone machines were sold out by the end of the night.
We’ve brought our little scholars back to school by supporting a plethora of fun book bag giveaways. I had the honor of being invited to the office GAMER ROLLERS, owner of a small business in the city of Miramar, located in the historic center of Miramar, where the company provided children with padded book bags and gave them the opportunity to take advantage of their niche of mobile video game products. All the children in the region benefited from hours of play and free food.
A book bag giveaway like no other… I supported and sponsored the Dreamcatchers Lotus Back to School Retreat. Families were treated to a back-to-school event like no other. The day included holistic education, healthy meals, mindfulness, yoga and stress management classes and workshops, where the main focus was to prepare our young scholars for a successful return to the classroom.
My ongoing partnership with the Hope of Society Foundations hosted the annual Back to School Health and Community Fair at Emmanuel Apostolic Church. We provided back-to-school supplies and community kiosks for dental care, school physical immunizations, grocery distribution, food games and more.
I am dedicated to advocating for our local residents in their quest to become entrepreneurs and was honored to be invited to a few grand openings across the city. The ribbon cutting photos say it all.
A great moment.. On August 17, Miramar City Commissioner Maxwell B Chambers and the Rootz Foundation organized a monumental event. We celebrated the 135th anniversary of Marcus Garveys birth and honored his legacy and accomplishments. The city of Miramar had a strong participation in the Miramar Multipurpose Complex. The Jamaican Diaspora hailed this event where his proclamation was well received due to the impact the Honorable Garvey had on the upliftment of black people and his vision of equality in the world.
Our diverse Miramar community includes many Caribbean and Latin culture. On August 10, our Miramar Cultural Center organizes a concert in honor of the Ecuadorian National Day. Our center was full of theater filled with our Hispanic residents. A large percentage of our residents come from the islands. Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago celebrated their 60th anniversary this year. Throughout the city, we have organized many cultural events for Jamaica. August 31. Trinidad and Tobago celebrated 60 years of independence. I was happy to use our municipal square to commemorate this day. Many West Indians joined in the festive evening, enjoying Trini’s cuisine, artifacts and a festive Steel Pan Ensemble.

After a successful comeback. We continue to use our MASH AND EMAP PROGRAMS for families in need. I want residents to know that whatever challenges you face, whether financial, for your home, or for your business, I am here to help you through the difficulties and help you find a solution.
We started the month in conjunction with the Gate Restoration Center where I organized a free gasoline giveaway on September 7th. 120 residents were able to put gas in their tank and relieve a financial problem. On September 10, I organized the Sickle Cell Awareness Walk event where a large number of people took the opportunity to exercise while raising funds and awareness during Awareness Month to sickle cell disease.

Don’t miss these upcoming events:
• Diane Abreu Style and image under the stars Fashion and Expo 5 November Miramar City Plaza

• Concert by Kirk Franklin on November 25 Amphitheater Miramar.

• Jeffrey Lubin presents: Miramar International Art and Fashion Show December 10 and 11 Miramar City Hall Plaza

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“I’m always here for you” Feel free to contact my office for any information, updates, requests or concerns. (954) 602-3154 or (954) 602-3157

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