Mangaluru: Ladyhill English Higher Primary School pays tribute to its patroness


Press release

Mangaluru, July 18: The patroness of the Carmelite Order, the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’, was honored at Ladyhill Upper English Primary School with great fervor and devotion. The event in honor of Mother Mary was organized by students from class 6A.

The festivities began with a Eucharistic celebration of thanksgiving presided over by Fr Shabas Crasta, OCD. A solemn prayer service that emphasized the importance of grace in increasing divine connection was held on July 16.

On this day, students conveyed the meaning of the day and that of the Brown Scapular with the message that whoever wears the scapular will be safe from all harm and danger. The 12 stars that adorn the crown of Mother Mary have been highlighted for their virtues.

On the 154th anniversary of the founding of the Apostolic Congregation of Carmel, they also remembered Mother Veronica, who provided education for young girls in coastal India.

Assumpta graced the event and used a PowerPoint presentation to highlight the virtues of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which include being faithful, pure, patient, humble, obedient and helpful. She also encouraged students to cultivate the virtues of Mother Veronica, which include being united, gentle, kind and striving to achieve their goals in life.


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