Mabinay voters reject election results


BACOLOD CITY: Supporters of losing Mabinay mayoral candidate Carlo Ruiz continue to demonstrate against winning mayor Ernie “Django” Uy.

More than 1,000 residents on July 1 held a picket in front of City Hall.

On June 28, a planned prayer rally did not materialize as Ruiz supporters claimed they were intercepted by police at checkpoints, even confiscating some of their motorbikes as they were about to converge on downtown Mabinay.

While coming to terms with his election defeat, Ruiz said he can’t turn his back on people wondering where their votes went.

A day after the May 9 election, Ruiz said people came down from villages in the hinterland of Mabinay because they could not believe the election results.

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Bonifacio Lagunero, pastor of the Apostolic Bible Church, said what happened in their town during the May 9 elections is “dubious”.

“Uy supporters were given priority during the vote. Only those wearing rubber bands identified with their color were the first allowed to enter the polling stations. There were also power cuts in some parts of the city. city,” Lagunero told reporters.

He said that based on what he witnessed during the conduct of recent elections in his town, “he and many residents of Mabinay cannot accept the election results, where Uy will be declared mayor.”

“We sacrificed our safety, our time and our money today to go and hold this rally to protect our sacred right to vote because the results did not reflect the voice of the people,” Lagunero said.

He said he launched a signature campaign that garnered 26,060 signatures on June 28.

That’s bigger than the votes that incumbent Mayor Uy, who got about 24,000, the pastor said.

“Nobody told us to organize this rally. Nobody paid us. I am a pastor. My credibility will be destroyed if people know that I am paid. Nobody will follow me,” he said.

Asked about their request, Lagunero said they wanted the Electoral Commission to listen to their allegations of electoral problems during the May 9 elections in their city.

Rudy Mahistan of Barangay Pantaw wants to know where his vote went.

“Our village officers treated us like stray dogs or animals because our candidate lost. We should just go home,” Mahistan said.

He claimed that the people of Mabinay do not want Uy to sit for mayor because he does not have the “true mandate of the people”.

Uy got 24,000 votes, while Ruiz 14,000 votes.

He said their signature campaign reflected names, constituency numbers and signatures to know they were really from Mabinay.

In consultation with their legal team, he said they had not filed any election protests because the deadline set by Comelec had already passed.

“We will use the signature campaign for a recall election that our attorneys will file with the court,” Ruiz said.

He also called on supporters of his Lucky 7 team to remain calm as he appealed to local authorities to respect the people’s right to peaceful assembly and voice their grievances.

Uy earlier dismissed claims by protesters who he said were misinformed.


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