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Archbishop Rodriguez also submitted letters of recall from his predecessor, he is appointed by Pope Francis Apostolic Nuncio in PNG.

He spoke of the diplomatic relations existing between the country and the Holy See. Archbishop Rodriguez said the relationship has grown stronger over the years in an atmosphere of mutual respect and admiration.

“In the same spirit, Pope Francis wishes to maintain his close cooperation with this noble nation and ensure its continued collaboration in the development of society.

“The Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea has been at the forefront in making its special contribution to areas such as spiritual guidance, education and health institutions. However, it is not limited to these, it goes beyond because its objective is the integral promotion of every human being (cf. Evangelii Gaudium No. 182).

“While the Holy Father assures his constant support to the people of Papua New Guinea through the Catholic Church. He is convinced that the civil authorities will continue to appreciate his great contribution and ensure that it enjoys all the conditions necessary to satisfactorily fulfill its mission.

Bishop Rodriguez concluded his speech by saying: “I am happy and honored to undertake and promote the cordial relations that have existed from the beginning between Papua New Guinea and the Holy See.

“I assure you of my sincere best wishes to all the noble people of PNG. In this great task, I also assure you that the Catholic Church will continue to do her part, in accordance with her religious nature and her mission, and will cooperate generously with all sectors of the population.

Meanwhile, upon receiving the credentials, GG Sir Bob accepted the credentials from Pope Francis appointing the apostolic nuncio in PNG and accepted the reminder letter for the predecessor.

Sir Bob greeted Archbishop Rodriguez in PNG saying: “We are truly grateful to receive you and look forward to improving and developing the already good bilateral relationship that exists between Papua New Guinea and the Vatican.”

He said that relations between PNG and the Vatican have remained cordial and friendly since the establishment of diplomatic relations 44 years ago.

“The PNG is grateful to the Vatican, through the Catholic Church, for contributing to the development of this country even before its independence in 1975. The Church was actively involved in education, health care and other services. social protection activities throughout the country.

Sir Bob said he hopes the appointment of Archbishop Rodriguez will further strengthen the good relations between PNG and the Vatican, through cooperation in the fields of education, health, social welfare and spiritual developments.


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