Korean Catholics pray for peace and send aid to Ukraine


South Korea

Seoul Archdiocese to send $50,000 to Church in Ukraine through Vatican

Archbishop Peter Chung says he feels “deep shame” for the situation in Ukraine. (Photo: Archdiocese of Seoul)

Catholics in South Korea’s Seoul Archdiocese have joined in prayers for peace in Ukraine and pledged to donate $50,000 in humanitarian aid to the war-torn Eastern European country.

Archbishop Peter Chung Soon-taick of Seoul led special prayers and fasting on Ash Wednesday, echoing Pope Francis’ call for peace in Ukraine, according to an official press release.

On March 3, Bishop Chung sent a letter to the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Ukraine in which he expressed his “deep shame” for the current situation in the country.

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“People around the world who want peace, including me, feel deep shame for the current situation in Ukraine, because the impact of the invasion on civilians, especially children, women and the elderly, is serious”, wrote the prelate.

Bishop Chung said he was deeply saddened by the fate of the Ukrainian people.

“In particular, my heart ached watching the video of Ukrainian children gathering in a subway station, shivering with cold and fear. It just showed how dangerous and terrifying war is,” he said.

“I am saddened by the fact that so many people were killed as a result of the invasion, and I pray with all my heart that God may give peace to Ukraine”

“As the protracted war is expected to cause further harm to Ukrainian citizens, the Catholic Church and the faithful pray sincerely for it to end as soon as possible and for peace to be restored.”

The Prelate also called on Catholics in Seoul to continue praying for peace in the country.

Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, retired Archbishop of Seoul, also expressed concern and closeness to the suffering Ukrainian people.

“Every time I have met the bishops of Eastern Europe [Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and and Slovenia], we have often talked about the path to peace by resolving differences and conflicts. I am saddened by the fact that so many people were killed as a result of the invasion, and I pray with all my heart that God may give peace to Ukraine,” Cardinal Yeom said.

Cardinal Yeom said the Archdiocese of Seoul will send US$50,000 as a donation from the Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Missionary Support Foundation for emergency aid to the Catholic Church in Ukraine.

Seoul Archdiocese spokesman Fr. Matthias Young-yup Hur noted that sending relief funds to Ukraine is the primary activity of the foundation, which sees the legacy of the late Cardinal Nicholas Cheong. from Seoul.

The priest said the aid will be delivered as soon as possible and will provide support, especially to children and the elderly.

The archdiocese will send the aid to the Vatican through the apostolic nunciature in Korea for delivery to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ukraine, Felix Sikwon Lee, head of public relations for the Archdiocese of Seoul, told UCA News.

“The Archdiocese of Seoul will continue to pray for peace in Ukraine while seeking various ways to support the Ukrainian people,” he said.

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