Kody Brown says he is NOT divorced from Christine


Sister Wives: Kody Brown says he is NOT divorced from Christine

sister wives stars Christine Brown and Kody Brown may have separated but according to Kodythey are not divorced.

During the November 6 episode, the term “divorced” was Kody panicked because according to him, he and Christina are not divorced without church approval.

Kody, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown and Janelle Brownall gather at Christine’s home for a family reunion. During sitting, Kody reveals that her daughter, Truely, told her that Christina considers them divorced.

“I was sitting there talking with Truely and she was like, ‘Well you and mom are divorced'” Kody remember. “It was a bit new for me.”

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Kody is pissed off at the label and says, “We never made an official deal. We never signed any paper. We never agreed. We never went to our church leaders and said, ‘Hey, we’re divorced’ or ‘We want a divorce.’

Naturally, Robyne supports Kody and says the church should approve the divorce.

“Usually our church would say you are divorced, you have to go and file for divorce. You have to get papers, you have to get approval. You have to approve that the marriage is broken,” she says.

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Janelle feels that at Christine’s actions invalidate their religious beliefs.

Christina to say “I am divorced” is in a way to invalidate our beliefs. We are spiritually married to Kody through our church,” Janelle said.

Janelle explains church procedures regarding separation involves Christina and Kody work more on their relationship before they can go their separate ways.

“If we want to divorce, we have to seek their approval. Usually they need advice. Usually they require many meetings. Technically, from what I understand, until Christina is physical with another man, she is not divorced. But I do not know, ” Janelle said.

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Christina however, has a completely different perspective on divorce. In his eyes, they are divorcing because they never legally married. Additionally, she no longer practices the beliefs of their AUB church, so institutional approval is not required.

“Because I don’t have any legal contract binding me to Kody, we didn’t have to go through any legal process,” says Christine. “None of us are part of that religion anymore. So am I just saying I’m divorced? I don’t see the problem there at all.

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Kody and his three remaining wives – Meri, Janelle and Robyne belong to the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) – which is a sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) or Mormon religion that allows followers to practice polygamy.

Kody was first legally married to Merithen divorced in 2014, so he could legally marry Robyne to adopt her children from a previous relationship. His other marriages are considered “spiritual unions”.

Christina announced that she was done with Kody in November 2021 after more than 25 years together.

Kody and I’m divorced Christina said during an episode of the TLC reality show. “We are completely separated. We’re just gonna be friends after all. I just realized that I had to make a decision for my heart, and my heart was done breaking. And it felt, well, liberating.

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Kody gives its opinion on the split. “Christine is moved; she left. We are no longer married,” he explains. “I love him and I don’t know what to do because I’m heartbroken but I’m still angry. I’m going to bear the heartbreak right now for a little while just to get out of the anger phase, and then [I’m] just move on. [I] just [want to] have a good life and find happiness.

sister wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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