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EVERY “citizen and permanent resident of Zimbabwe has the right to access basic health services, including reproductive health services,” states Article 76(1) of the country’s Constitution.

The same Constitution also states that the country’s children have the right to health, education, family life, play and leisure, an adequate standard of living and protection from abuse and harm. .

It is therefore somewhat shocking to see some citizens, in the fraternity of the apostolic sect, who are determined to continue to thumb their noses at the supreme law of the land by denying others access to health care because they are allowed to walk freely on this earth. They even have the audacity to brag about it.

Even more shocking is the fact that these people have become so brazen that they literally sentence innocent people to death in the name of religion and appear to be above the law because the government is doing absolutely nothing about it .

Zimbabwe is currently riding a dangerous wave of measles whose numbers are threatening to surpass the numbers of the COVID-19 pandemic, but, strangely, the authorities seem unfazed that a sizeable part of the population refuses to have their children vaccinated.

Curiously, these are the same people who once again put every citizen of the country at serious risk of contracting COVID-19 when it hit in 2020 after refusing to get vaccinated or wear masks. Although they then started wearing masks, nothing happened to them in terms of refusing to get vaccinated.

We believe that it is high time for the country to take a clear decision on this group of people whose religious beliefs pose a real threat to the life of every citizen of the country. What makes it a national concern is that this group of people do not live in isolation, but live among millions of other citizens who do not believe in their doctrines.

If they were an isolated people, living exclusively by themselves on an isolated island or forest, we wouldn’t even care what they want to do with their lives. But because their decision not to be protected from communicable diseases has a direct impact on other citizens who have nothing to do with their beliefs, forces us to raise the red flag that something needs to be done about it. .

The law of the land should encompass everything that there should never be a situation where some citizens are allowed to ignore the supreme law and get away with it. What is happening now regarding the refusal of apostolic sects to have their children vaccinated is a complete travesty not only of the Constitution, but of all other citizens who religiously abide by the supreme law of the land.

At this rate, anarchy can easily set in and the nation is a sitting duck in the face of greater and fiercer plagues.

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