Inter Africa boss argues in internal Zanu PF polls



TRANSPORT mogul Leonard Mukumba has become the latest candidate to throw his hat into the ring to run in the Zanu PF Manicaland provincial election scheduled for today.

Mukumba, owner of Inter Africa buses, is considering the post of transport secretary. Mukumba has previously refused to join politics insisting he wanted to focus on his transport empire.

In 2018, Zanu PF supporters pleaded with Mukumba to run for the Makoni Sud deputy seat to no avail.

A Zanu PF central committee member in Manicaland, who declined to be appointed, confirmed Mukumba’s candidacy.

Mukumba was not available for comment yesterday.

In an interview with NewsDay recently at Mapembe Shrine in Odzi where thousands of members of the African Apostolic Church gathered to celebrate the 103rd birthday of church leader Paul Mwazha, Mukumba, who is a bishop in the church, claimed he was one of the largest transport operators in Zimbabwe.

“I was blessed by Paul Mwazha to become one of the largest transport operators in the country, I joined the African Apostolic Church in 1989 and was able to accompany our leader Mwazha who prophesied that I was going to be a transport mogul, ”he said. In addition to the Inter Africa buses, Mukumba also owns the Blue Horizon trucking company, among other companies.

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