Indianapolis anti-violence efforts underway with breakfast and rally


INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis clergy and community organizations are expected to hold an event Tuesday morning to announce a new anti-violence initiative.

The Grand Indy Interfaith Ministerial Alliance is hosting the event.

Breakfast begins at 10 a.m. at the Church of the Apostolic Faith of Christ Temple.

This is followed by a press conference at 11 a.m. to announce the city-wide collaborative initiative to promote street peace to help tackle record-breaking violence in Indy.

Ten Point Coalition chairman Reverend Charles Harrison, who will attend, said it was about working together to reduce crime.

He says they bring together different churches, grassroots organizations and neighborhood groups. There are a hundred groups that have been working on this plan for a few months.

“A lot of these groups do things individually, but we haven’t done it together as a big group and that’s what we’re trying to do,” Rev. Harrison said. “We have more impact when we do it together. ”

Reverend Harrison says they are waiting for representatives from the Indiana State Police, the IMPD, the Marion County District Attorney’s Office and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s important because what we’re trying to do is galvanize everyone, and we all understand it’s going to take the whole village to help reduce this record breaking violence. There isn’t a single group or agency that can do this. We are going to have to all work together and work together. To bring those numbers down.

All community members are welcome to attend the event and once they announce the new initiative people will be able to participate as well.

“We believe this is the kind of energy we need that will help us curb the trend of violence in all segments of Indianapolis. Because what we are seeing right now is that the violence has almost spread to almost every part of the city, which is going to require a more city-wide approach to deal with it. ”

Reverend Harrison says it will be an initiative they have done in the past but are bringing back with more people added to the effort.


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