How the death of Saint John the Baptist reminds us of our daily martyrdom


Every day we are called to imitate Saint John the Baptist by defending our faith and by professing the truth of God.

The death of Saint John the Baptist was courageous, because he stood up for the truth and did not back down. It is this heroic holiness that the Church honors on the feast of his beheading.

Pope Benedict XVI reflected on this reality in a general public in 2012.

Dear brothers and sisters, celebrating the martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist also reminds us Christians of this time that with love for Christ, for his words and for the Truth, we cannot stoop to compromise. Truth is Truth; there is no compromise. The Christian life demands, so to speak, the “martyrdom” of daily fidelity to the Gospelthat is, the courage to let Christ grow in us and to let him be the One who guides our thoughts and our actions.

This daily “martyrdom” is not easy, and Pope Benedict explains that it can only be achieved through a deep life of prayer.

However, this can only happen in our life if we have a solid relationship with God. Prayer is not a waste of time, it does not take time away from our activities, even apostolic ones, but exactly the opposite is true: only if we are able to have a life of faithful, constant and confident prayer that God himself will give us the ability and strength live happily and serenely, overcome difficulties and testify to him courageously.

In our daily life, may we keep in mind the example of Saint John the Baptist and stay close to Christ, who is our strength.


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