How Nigerian Pilgrims Made a Remarkable Impression in Jordan


As Christians celebrated Easter festivities to mark the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, more than 1,500 worshipers from Nigeria and different parts of the world including USA, Canada, UK, Dublin , Europe and Ghana converged on Jordan in the Middle East in the mood of worship and offering supplications to God.

The Spiritual Tour, hosted by Christ Apostolic Church, Covenant of Mercy, Ibadan, Oyo State and led by Prophet Taiwo Ojo, was organized by Destination Management Company (DMC) in Nigeria, known as Absolute Success Travels & Tours, with Ufitfly as brand. .

The number of pilgrims also came as first in the history of Nigeria and Africa.

Through the tour, which combined hospitality and spirituality, the pilgrims were able to see some of the things and places read in the Bible and experience a physical touch while visiting the religious sites.

It was also a 144-hour week of prayer for pilgrims, as Prophet Ojo led the prayers, with the support of other ministers of God, including Pastor Adebowale, Pastor Akinade, Pastor Egbeleye and Pastor Adeleke , among others.

Nigeria’s Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq, His Excellency Faruk Malami Yabo received Prophet Ojo and others at Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan. In his remarks, the Ambassador said he was happy to partner with Ufitfly and its spotless records by taking Christian pilgrims from Nigeria on tour. He urged all to be good representatives of their country by observing absolute adherence to the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Jordan.

The ambassador added that while the pilgrimage was not a path to salvation, it would allow worshipers to see the exact locations where life-changing events took place, as recorded in the Bible, and how it could go a long way in strengthening faith.

On the first day, the program began with prayers by one of the ministers, Pastor John Adebowale, followed by songs of praise and worship by a famous gospel musician and saxophonist, Kehinde Ademeto Adebola aka Kenny Ologo Ara.

Mama Kori Kori, Goke Bajowa, Chigozie Wisdom, Elijah Akintunde, Muyiwa Ademola, Tolu Oluwo, Kola Olootu and Mrs. Juliana Morayo Balogun, the mother of popular Nigerian entertainer, Whizkid.

The pilgrims, who were excited with song and dance, were full of expectations for the divine touch of their creator. They also prayed fervently morning, noon and night, expecting miracles.

The 144-hour prayers were observed at various biblical sites visited by pilgrims, including Gadara (the place where Jesus commanded the unclean spirit of a madman as read in Matthew 8:28-34), La Citadel as read in 2 Samuel 11, the Dead Sea, Makawir’s Palace (where John the Baptist was beheaded).

Also among the sites visited was Mount Nebo where Moses died after God showed him the promised land but told him he would not get there.

Speaking to the Nigerian Tribune on the importance of Jordan to Christian devotees, Prophet Ojo described it as a land of separation between the land of reproach and that of promise.

According to him, “when the Israelites were in Egypt for 430 years, they were not called that. They were called Hebrews because they had not yet reached their country. This is why anyone whose life has not fulfilled glory will seek a place of covenant to destroy in order to fulfill his desire and excel.

Citing Abraham as an example, Prophet Ojo said that there is a covenant in every place touched by pilgrims. He also said that the Jordan has its strength which is effective.

He encouraged the pilgrims to believe in God that he would bring about a separation from the challenges they were passing through, just as he parted the Jordan for Joshua and other Israelites.

“There is nothing impossible with God,” he asserted.

Saying that the journey of the pilgrims was spiritual, Prophet Ojo prayed that they would all be filled with testimonies.

In his remarks, Ufitfly Team Leader, Evangelist Ogunkeyede expressed his gratitude to Prophet Ojo whom God used for the company to break a record of such number of pilgrims visiting Jordan at a time for a spiritual exercise. He prayed that the pilgrims would not return to their various homes empty-handed.

“This pilgrimage is not about breaking a record but about having testimonies, and your testimonies will be divinely confirmed,” Ogunkeyede told the faithful pilgrims.

He also thanked the president of Rabat Tours, Mr. Tawak from Israel, who had partnered with UFITFLY for about seven years, saying he had a positive effect on his vision.

Appreciating God for the victory he has given to his company, Ogunkeyede also thanked the Nigerian Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq, Ufitfly Ambassadors including Kola Olootu, Muyiwa Ademola, Goke Bajowa, Reverend Osho, Kenny Ologo Ara and gospel singers such as Elijah Akintunde (Olorun o so be), Sagesse Chogozie.

He congratulated all Ufitfly staff who worked tirelessly to make this trip a success.

Saying that Ufitfly started about eight years ago as a brand and an entity in its own right, Ogunkeyede shared that the company, Absolute Success Global Travels, started about 17 years ago.

He sought encouragement, guidance and prayers, adding that Ufitfly had become a big pride in tourism.

Shadia Srour, Managing Director of Rabat Tours in Israel, which is the ground manager of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC) in the Middle East, described the pilgrimage/prayer program as impressive.

“Today is a great day. We are in a new era of life after COVID-19 shut down the whole world for two years. And we have great experience in handling this number of people who are the disciples of Prophet Ojo. We have a great honor to manage them. It is a great experience for all of us. All the pilgrims prayed at the same place with Prophet Ojo morning, evening, all the time, taking advantage of all the time available. It was truly a spiritual experience,” Srour said.

Praising Ufitfly team leader Ogunkeyede, Srour described him as an amazing personality. She said: “I have known him for seven years and we walk up the stairs together. We help each other and he has a big vision. Without this vision, he would not have arrived where he is now. Being able to handle over 1,000 pilgrims is not easy, believe me. You need infrastructure, platform, staff, financial capabilities and much more. It’s not easy but he handles things well.

Also speaking about her experience with pilgrims, one of the Jordanian tour guides, Rasha Marwan, said she was honored to have Nigerians come to Jordan as pilgrims to see very important sites in the country.

She said another thing she noticed about Nigerians when they visited the important biblical sites is that they felt so deeply about it, and it was as if they brought life back to life. to stories. She said: “They have their own way of expressing their strong faith. It was a truly unique experience and we are left speechless. We hope to see more people from Nigeria. This is the first time for me to have this large number of people; more than 1,200. They all came together as one family. They gave us a special experience about Nigerians. What I really admire about them is that they care about each other and help, support and strengthen each other. And that’s something we really appreciate. In fact, I will be super excited to have people like that coming from Nigeria. I felt a connection between Nigerians and Jordanians and it’s like we have known them for a long time. It is something very pleasant.

The prophet who was in the company of the management of UfitFly skillfully led by Ajibola Ogunkeyede (Teamleader UfitFly), Wisam Tabar (MD Tabar Tours), Shadia Srour GM Tabar Tours), Muyiwa Ademola (Nigeria Celebrity), Kola Olootu, Mrs. Juliana Morayo Balogun (Mother of Popular Nigerian Artist, WIZKID), Chigozie Wisdom (Nigeria Gospel Artist) talked about the wonderful experience of pilgrims while exploring Jordan

The Ambassador has further certified Ufitfly as a trusted, dependable and dependable travel management company with capability and integrity.

One of the pilgrims, Mrs. Tinuade Aliu, delighted to participate in the spiritual exercise, said, “I saw the hand of God and the power of the Holy Spirit flowing down on me. If you are spiritually inclined, you will experience God’s touch in all the places we have been. I experienced a victory that was beyond my knowledge and understanding.



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