“Genesis chapter 1 11/23” by ApostleFloyd


h: 1183633
s: 12028783

As we watch intensely, many move away from the church’s three-dimensional appreciation. Through years of manipulation, participants are looking for something different, only because of the presentation of Christianity and not of GOD. Christianity has various presentations and some are for every change. It is by studying the biblical content that we discover who GOD is. I must note that I cannot tell you who GOD is to you. I can only give you my experiences of meeting GOD. Most presentations begin with a teaching which is not necessarily true or false, but which weakens the foundation for many who seek GOD. We present them through Baptist, Methodist, Hindu, Jehovah’s Witness, Holiness, Pentecostal or Apostolic beliefs. All and many others have a certain sense of truth; however, he has a great presence of religion and / or tridition. I want to introduce you to GOD from the start without a hint of religion, just GOD. No church rituals or customs. GOD quite simply. If you are traveling with me you have to complete a difficult task, unlearn and start from scratch. Come with me early or Bereshit.



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