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Heart of the controversy?

The cultural barriers and historically racist practices of the institutional church are at the heart of the controversy at Our Lady of Guadalupe (“Archdiocese leaders try to help Our Lady of Guadalupe navigate the discord», December 23). The promotion of pre-conciliar liturgical practices and cultural discrimination at Our Lady of Guadalupe raises concerns for the spiritual well-being and personal traditions of parishioners. To honor the Virgin of Guadalupe, all of God’s children must be called to the table and invited to be disciples of Christ. Guadalupe’s message and Pope Francis’ apostolic letter “Traditionis Custodes” must be followed to resolve this crisis of faith.

Ted May
St. Maximilian Kolbe, Delano

Prayers for Parish Peace

When I first heard about the conflict at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, I confess to feeling anger and disappointment. The reading of the Catholic Spirit (“Archdiocese leaders try to help Our Lady of Guadalupe navigate the discordDecember 23), I heard an explanation of how the leaders listened and cared for everyone, such as the insertion of Latin in the Mass. The secular media made it known that the Catholic Church did not really care about people and their traditions. For some Catholics, it’s another nail in the coffin of their faith. Secular reporting on Our Lady of Guadalupe is colored by recent scandals and the callousness of past treatment of indigenous cultures, Saint Juan Diego itself being just one example. Now, I hope everyone involved in this situation can sit together on the ground and find a place of peace. I pray that Saint Francis will raise up instruments of peace to replace wounds, doubt, despair, darkness and sadness with forgiveness, faith, hope, light and joy. Let parishioners know that they are loved by God — and by the priests who serve them. May we all experience the tender compassion of our God to lighten the darkness and guide our steps in the path of peace. May all Catholics seek the truth.

Sue Zhulkie
St. Peter, Mendota

commendable faith

To Gina, all I can say is amazing (“Why I am a Catholic” by Gina Barthel, December 23)! Thank you very much for sharing your story. Your bond with the Eucharist in adoration is incredible, and your strength of faith through your abuse was powerful to read.

Rachel Heinzen
St. Odilia, Shoreview

Historical reflections

Thanks for the correction on the article “The creation of Sainte-Katein your December 9 issue. Here’s more history: I graduated from Derham Hall in 1966, having entered first grade in 1962, the year the new school opened. The class of 1966 was very important for two reasons: we were the first class to spend all four years at the new school, and ours was the largest class in the history of Derham Hall. We had 90 graduates that year. The class of 65 had 60. A convent was built next to the new school. It was a godsend for the sisters who had to travel Monday through Friday by taxi from their rooms in Mary Hall Residence near St. Joseph’s Hospital. In 1996, the convent, still owned by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, was converted into a residence for women in crisis. It’s called Sarah’s Oasis, still in operation, and fills a great need in the community. The Derham Hall building is still a school, now part of St. Paul Public Schools and called EXPO Elementary School, K-5.

Maureen O’Brien
Saint Louis, King of France

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