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“Boys Selling Newspapers on the Brooklyn Bridge” (1908), by Lewis Hine (WikiArt.org)

Hold the Eucharist – America Magazine argues that no one should be banned from the Eucharist. Nobody? Oh good? What about the unbaptized. Are they free to receive? And the Satanists? The Apologetics of Abuse (Crisis Magazine)

Radicalized Disney has lost its magic with average families – “Disney sinks deeper and deeper as it dubs its self-proclaimed ‘not-at-all-secret gay program'” After Disney doubles down on its sexualization of children, ‘Lightyear’ falls far at the box office (The Federalist)

The smell of sheep – It is a characteristic of the current papacy, in stark contrast to the previous one, which the holder likes to denounce in his speeches. It’s not really about lace, of course (One foot in the cloister)

Committed to democracy – “When it’s time to vote, I go. The thing or person I vote for doesn’t always win, but at least I have to vote. The perversities of the polls (The Catholic Things)

Christian Masters – The brand new QS Quacquarelli Symonds Global University rankings show the University of Cambridge in second place in the world, while Oxford, which held the silver spot last year, slipped to fourth place. Oxford and the Future of Christian Britain (Mature American Citizens Association)

Sermon of the Wolf – The title plays on Wulfstan’s own name, but it’s also an apt characterization of the angry tone of his urgent message. The Wolf’s Sermon (Amy Welborn)

Christian liberalism – A renewal of Jacques Maritain’s emphasis on Christian participation in society and politics is urgently needed. Where did you go, Jacques Maritain (The public discourse)

Drag Queen 101 – How did we get to the point where drag queens in schools became a regularly debated topic in American domestic politics? The National Review is Confused (Compact Magazine)

Fake News – USA Today said it removed 23 articles from its website after an investigation found the reporter who wrote them used fabricated sources. USA Today reporter Gabriela Miranda fabricated sources for 23 stories (NY Post)

Ukraine is standing – The enemy is trying to intimidate us. Yesterday, even missile strikes injured the western regions of Ukraine, in the Lviv, Ternopil and Khmelnytsky regions. Videomessaggio di Sua Beatitudine Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Capo e Padre della Chiesa greco-cattolica ucraina nel 112mo giorno di guerra in Ucraina (Il Sismografo)

“Mental Health Counseling” – Sometimes I think the world has gone mad, but then I remember maybe it’s always been mad. Outside the Bubble (Taki’s Magazine)

The importance of Joseph – Many countries with Catholic heritage, such as Portugal and Spain, honored the fathers on March 19: the feast of Saint Joseph. Jesus’ earthly father, St. Joseph – often overlooked – is honored on Father’s Day in many Catholic countries (The Conversation)

A secular era – How should contemporary Christians react to the decline of their churches, the secularization of culture, the definitive loss of Christianity? A Sweeter Christianity (First Things)

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