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Piraeus, Greece, July 14, 2022

Baptizing the children of two unrepentant homosexuals with such fanfare, Archbishop Elpidophoros of the Greek Orthodox American Archdiocese of Constantinople gave “amnesty” to the grave sin of sodomy, preferring “the modern gospel of the serpent” to eternal teachings of the Church, believes the Metropolitan of Piraeus.

In a letter published yesterday, His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus of the Church of Greece, who is known for taking strong positions against ecumenism and all sorts of heresies and moral laxity, maintains that the Abbot. Elpidophoros should be brought before an ecclesiastical tribunal to be tried according to sacred canons for his recent outrageous actions.

Remember that the abp. Elpidophoros caused an international scandal this weekend when he flew to Greece to baptize the children of a gay celebrity couple he is close to. The event was hailed as the “the abbot. Elpidophoros Praised for Serving ‘First Openly Gay Baptism’Amid the ongoing scandal involving the archbishop’s plans to consecrate a former defrocked priest as bishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, which other hierarchs have called a serious threat to Orthodox unity in America, the head of GOARCH made headlines by baptizing the children of a famous gay couple.

“> first openly gay baptism” in Greece by the participants themselves, and the archbishop was praised for his progressive views.

Metropolitan Antonios of Glyfada, in whose metropolis the baptism took place, later |  Elpidophoros Prefers the Modern Gospel of the Serpent - Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus |  news from paradise“Abbot. Elpidophoros acted uncanonically in my metropolis”—Greek hierarch on “gay baptism”the abbot. Elpidophoros, the head of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America of Constantinople, created an international scandal over the weekend when he traveled to Greece specifically to celebrate the baptism of the two children of surrogate mothers. homosexual celebrity couple with whom the Archbishop is close.

“> explained to the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece that Abbot. Elpidophoros had misled him and concealed the truth about the “family” involved.


Read the full text of Met. Seraph’s letter:

We have underlined in several of our interventions that the Church, Body of Christ according to the heavenly Apostle Paul (Eph 1,23) is the land of converted sinners, and the incarnate Word of God declared I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance (Mark 2:17). The proclamation of the same Apostle of the Nations (1 Tim 1, 15-16) is significant, because he claims only one place of preeminence, that of the first of sinners. This is why the Church of Christ has always surrounded fallen man with infinite love, for there is no sin or crime that cannot be healed and restored by the unfathomable patience and affection of the Holy Creator of life and of man. The opposition of the Gospel message, the preaching of the God-bearing Apostles and the divine and sacred canons of the Holy God-bearing Fathers, is not about the people of the unfortunate victims of the serpent, but about sin, which separates from our God Holy and which brings man down to earth and deprives him of the prospect of coherence with the eternal presence of the Lord of glory and theosis. Accordingly, love and mercy toward the sinner is the Savior’s emphatic practice and commandment, expressed throughout His presence on earth and movingly with the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. (Luke 15:3-10), and condemnation of sin as the cause of sickness and death (John 5:14).

We mention all the above because of the inadmissible action (as it appears from the document and the report to the Holy Synod, of the Reverend Metropolitan Antonios de Glyfada) of the Most Reverend Archbishop Elpidophoros of America to celebrate after a procession and with a great publicity for the sacrament of the baptism of two children, who were “adopted” by a “couple” of homosexuals. Certainly, the Baptism and admission of every human being into the Kingdom of God is a work of grace and blessing and obeys the command of the incarnate Lord Go then, and teach all nations, baptizing them (Mt. 28:19-20).

However, the celebration of the sacrament of baptism, with great publicity, of two unfortunate children – which is the cause of the tragedy of our time, which has institutionalized the subversion of human ontology and physiology, as a so-called right of man, while he has nothing to do with human nature, but is a psychopathological deviation that trivializes the human person and defiles the soul of man and responds to the definition of the great Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso according to which “the homosexual has neither moral restraint nor metaphysical ideal” – who are in between the two allegedly homosexual parents, by the sole responsibility of the State which has “legislated” in this regard, so that they are deprived of the life-giving caress of the mother and the robust personality of the father, that is to say, they are deprived of the standards of life; it becomes the springboard for the ecclesiastical amnesty for the ecclesiastical crime of sodomy, which is a mortal sin which deprives of communion with the Living God and inevitably leads its unfortunate victim to eternal perdition.

Therefore, the specific priestly practice of the Most Reverend Archbishop Elpidophoros of America and the substantial reward of unrepentant Sodomites and their promotion in the Church, as so-called “God-fearing persons”, who baptize their children in an Orthodox manner, and the resulting amnesty from the deadly crime of sodomy and the subversion of human ontology and physiology, directly offends the anthropology and soteriology of the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and drives the specific hierarch to be judged before the holy canons and the Lord of the Church, because by his practical “teaching” he nullified the relevant soteriological mandate of the Holy Bible (Lev. 18:22, Gen. 19:24, Rom. 1:27-28).

Therefore this particular hierarch, for obvious reasons of publicity or others unknown to us, preferred the “modern gospel” of the serpent to the teaching of the Church and is now under the curse of the Holy Fathers and divine and the canonical provisions of the canonical judicial bodies of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Personally, and because I am bound to him by friendship, I call on him publicly to repair the spiritual damage caused, asking for forgiveness from the Holy Lord of the Church and of the ecclesiastical body.


Remember that the abp. Elpidophoros is also in the midst of a |  Elpidophoros Prefers the Modern Gospel of the Serpent - Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus |  news from paradiseBREAKING: Bishops again plead for Elpidophoros: Don’t make Belya a bishop, our broken culture needs a unified ChurchSince the abp. Elpidophoros simply dismissed the hierarchs’ worries about Belya as hearsay, this second letter goes into more detail. First, the hierarchs note that Belya was received into GOARCH after he had already been suspended by his former jurisdiction, the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia.

“>battle with the other hierarchs of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America over his plans to consecrate the canonically defrocked Alexander Belya to the episcopate later this month.

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