EDITORIAL/Good fun or bad news? Fireworks are joy for some, terror for others


Independence Day weekend begins today and for many in our region and across the country, that means one thing above all else: fireworks.

Lots of people love them. And they’re not so bothered by laws like the ones we have in the Twin Cities prohibiting fireworks within city limits.

And that’s a problem for some friends and neighbors.

The sound of fireworks has a negative effect on some people. Especially those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or other nerve conditions. And many pets can’t tolerate noise either. They become frightened and restless.

For these folks, fireworks are anything but part of a celebration. They want their fireworks-loving neighbors to show courtesy and understanding. And, failing that, they want the police to enforce the ban more strictly within the city limits.

And that’s our question of the week. Are you or a family member negatively affected by fireworks? Do you have a pet that is negatively impacted? Should the police step up enforcement of fireworks laws within the city limits? Or are the fireworks just fun a few times a year and the objections unreasonable?

Send your answer (50 words maximum) to [email protected] before Wednesday, July 6. You can also send your response to the Texarkana Gazette’s Friday poll to PO Box 621, Texarkana, TX 75504 or drop it off at our office, 101 E. Broad St, Texarkana, Ark. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. We will publish as many responses as possible in next Friday’s paper.

Last week: day off?

Last week’s question concerned the Forney, Texas Independent School District banning dresses, skirts, and skorts for students older than fourth grade. Or is it unreasonable?

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– This is completely unreasonable, as is the ban on hoodies and hoodie coats/jackets.

– And the basketball shorts and t-shirts are professional – go figure, again targeted at a group

– Telling 17 and 18 year olds how to dress unreasonably. The students should go on strike. When my daughter was in high school, she was suspended for wearing the wrong color socks and then again for not wearing a belt! She dropped out and graduated the following year from another district. Nip this in the bud.

– Looks like they want to punish girls for clothes rather than addressing a deeper issue.

– And let’s not even talk about how “thicker” girls can’t wear leggings, with a hoodie, like most girls are comfortable, but boys can wear shorts over it knee highs, tight sweatpants and tank tops if desired

– But volleyball spandex and wrestling singlets are acceptable and “standard” for school sports? It makes a lot of sense. 

– Unreasonable

– Nope! Terrible!

– I don’t think it’s unreasonable, the clothes some of them wear look more like a nightclub than school

– They also ban hoodies and other types of clothing. It’s more like they’re trying to have a more uniform look if you read the new dress code instead of taking out certain things to focus on.

– As a teacher, I applaud the ban on hoodies. Children “hide” in them, and in many places, hoodies are gang-identified clothing that can put innocent children in harm’s way unintentionally by rival gangs. Dresses, skirts, and skorts, however, are business attire if they are the correct length. I realize that not every family can afford the same, but I don’t see the point in banning traditional women’s clothing unless your real goal is gender neutrality.

– So funny since it was what we had to wear throughout my school years. No pants or jeans allowed, ever.

– And girls who wear dresses all the time. In fact, some religions require the wearing of robes. It’s totally female oriented and I promise you my daughters went there they would be turned away for discriminating against women.

– Dress codes are not the problem. These are just power plays.

– Require uniforms.

– Long skirts are fine. It’s high-end shorts, sagging and ripped jeans and low-cut shirts that are the problem.

– Why do they wear hoodies over their heads in the middle of summer.

– Do we also ban cheer and volleyball uniforms? 

– It’s totally unfair and I think it should be reversed yes the dress should probably be a certain length but not prohibited

– When I went to school, dresses and skirts were all girls were allowed to wear.

– Ridiculous! What about those who only wear skirts?

– Will this include cheer, practice squad and volleyball uniforms? Oh, what about teachers wearing dresses and skirts?

– My sister is a teacher at Forney ISD and I know she knew the conflict was coming. She agrees with students and parents. They focus on what the children wear and not on their education. Students don’t pay attention to what others wear in class. I’m ok with not wearing certain things but come on this is all ridiculous! Let ’em speak just so they don’t overdo it, but they’ve gone too far

– I’m curious if it says “women” can’t wear dresses or if it just says dresses, shorts are not allowed?

– Ban cheerleading outfits!

– Ever since there were public schools, students and parents have pushed the boundaries of acceptable dress, always have, always will! School districts tend to go a little overboard with those who push the boundaries in mind. Here’s hoping that when the dust settles, the school will have a very slight advantage.

– I thought Forney ISD wore uniforms?

– It goes against some beliefs (me being one) for women/girls to wear pants, so I say I shouldn’t be banned. If you have a debate, just demand they be a certain length or longer.

– This will bring up a biblical perspective. If you look at it they say first to all who believe in the bible and what it says it is wrong to believe for many people to wear any type of dress even further than that they say children that it is good to be a boy learn an education than to be considered a girl.

– So… a boy wants to wear a dress, a skirt or a skirt. Are you going to be okay with that? It’s all or nothing.

– A dress CODE is good… let’s not be provocative at school. But the uniforms, etc.? NOPE! This does nothing to teach children to think for themselves!!!

– Unreasonable, damn it, I remember when it was pants for girls that weren’t professional

– Unreasonable

– I think they should wear uniforms. My older children wore uniforms in Bossier City, Louisiana. No problem.

– We had a dress code in the 50s and we didn’t know it. We dressed properly with pride and respect. You go to school to learn, not to show off what you have.

– Let the children vote.

– When I was in 9th grade, we finally got to wear pants,

Jeans but no rivets on the jeans.

– No prohibition of skirts, AND DRESSES, the APOSTOLIC ladies and their little girls wear skirts or dresses. This is our DRESS CODE!!!

– Schools should just go with jeans or khakis, a solid color shirt. Period. Keep it simple. Keep it easy for parents and kids.

– Maybe all parents should start protesting the cash donations to schools that schools always seem to need.

– Just another right to be stripped

– I only wear skirts and dresses… how dare a school forbid that to a woman!!

– Another prohibition for women. Disgusting but again it’s Texas  so not that surprising 

– It will be fun for parents of students trying to find coats and jackets without hoods. Then there are families whose religions require women to wear dresses and skirts. And headwear. The start of the new school year in this district is going to be very interesting.

– Are we going back? In my day, we couldn’t wear pants or shorts. It would have been nice to wear pants or shorts on some days. Our skirts had to be below the knees, until we rolled them up.lol

– I was sent home for hawker vendors by Mr. Nance. Skorts, shorts, mini’s… no. If you couldn’t show below the knees, don’t show your thighs!

– I understand hoodies. Students come in hoodies to hide their wireless or non-wireless headphones that don’t work in a classroom.

– This is ridiculous they are idiots

– I guess cheerleaders wear pants, huh! Lol

– Prohibition to wear tights as pants and not as skirts and dresses. No skirts, dresses, skorts or shorts shorter than your fingertips.

– Ridiculous

– I teach in this district and I accompany the changes. Forney has always done his best to create the best learning atmosphere for our students. I hope the school board and administrators have thoroughly researched this topic before making any changes. Forney is a very successful neighborhood in academic and extracurricular activities.

– Absolutely absurd

– So what exactly is the cheer squad wearing? 


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