Defense of Vatican II against the attacks of Oliveira Leonardo


The Bible also teaches: “Let many of you not become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater severity. (James 3:1) This is no small feat. One cannot oppose liberal heterodoxy by think the same way the liberal thinks in many ways. This is the absurd position that you have unfortunately adopted. “Either/or” false dichotomies. . . You have identified yourself with your oppressor.

[he then made several lengthy comments in reply, reiterating the same positions and learning nothing whatsoever from my points. They can be read on his thread, at the link listed at the top]

All these additional comments (which I have did read, but will not answer further, except in this statement) add up – in short – to one thing: you blame Vatican II for the perverse interpretation promulgated by liberal theologians. You “throw the baby out with the bathwater”, as they say.

You confuse the council itself with countless liberal untruths and lies. This is your basic error, and the devil rejoices in it. I completely agree with almost all of your social criticisms. But I deeply disagree that Vatican II provoked this state of fact. We do not disagree on secularism results and the tragedy of the loss of trust in societies, institutions and individuals. We totally disagree on the causes.

Vatican II has been butchered and twisted, and barely read, by those incredulous, mindless theologically liberal cretins – sometimes literally wolves in sheep’s clothing – who invoke it to supposedly reinforce their damnable errors. What could make the devil happier than to see zealous Catholics like you and millions of like-minded people now disparaging Vatican II, when the real target should be the liberal dissidents who tortured, abused and distorted the council?

It is to identify with the oppressor. Fighting so hard against liberals and theologically liberal rot, you started to think As their. In fact they dismiss Vatican II because they to know (unlike you) that it is completely in line with earlier Catholic tradition. This is precisely why they have to distort this. This is what the liars and manipulators of public opinion still do. They take what is accepted and respected and to pretend that is something other what it really is. And now you are making their mistake and lying.

By persuading you (in effect) to denigrate what is perfectly good and proper Catholic advice, their victory over you is complete. Now they make you work their within the Church—causing all sorts of havoc and division—as a useful idiot. This is the most insidious aspect of reactionary dissent.

I tried my best to get you to see this, but so far you don’t. Well, then maybe some others who read this will see how dangerous and destructive your mistake is. They cannot decipher what I wrote, if they read it, and will henceforth be responsible for what they read. I sound the alarm bell and launch the warning: to you and to your readers. Take it or leave it. Your choice.

You can live a life of bitching and pissing and moaning in the church, on the Church: do those things that Saint Paul has repeatedly strongly condemned (and told us to separate ourselves from those who have done it), or you can decide to join me and many others in defending Holy Mother Church, including her solemn ecumenical council, Vatican II.

You can continue to think like a dissenting liberal or like Luther and Calvin did (rejecting the councils), or you can think like a consistent, devout, observant Catholic and cease and desist with this damn destructive rhetoric.

I hate and comment on issues among Catholics as much as anyone. You have nothing against me in this regard. But I am not attacking Holy Mother Church herself. Theological liberalism and choice dissent are the problem, not Vatican II. Read my 12-part defense of the council against a rabid reactionary critic of it: who would be – what novelty! – actually cause a real counseling dialogue.


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Summary: Brazilian Catholic writer Oliveira Leonardo has decided to start bashing and trashing Vatican II. I defend him and find that his oppositional zeal is quite misplaced.


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