Decide, commit, succeed! After SSLC, the best among the rest join St Aloysius PU College


Decide, commit, succeed! After SSLC, the best among the rest join St Aloysius PU College

Mangaluru: After the statement of SSLC results, parents and students are applying for admission to PU colleges in Mangaluru and many private PU colleges in the city are witnessing a huge rush of students for admissions within days of the announcement SSLC results. According to the colleges, there are students from Kodagu, Hassan and Kerala this year who have come for admissions, while there has been little or no response for the past two years due to the pandemic.

The most popular courses are science and business. Computer science is the most preferred combination, colleges say. Meanwhile, due to students’ good marks on this exam, colleges have raised the threshold from about 5% to 10%. Some colleges added that they had winding queues for admission shortly after the announcement of the results.

And among the many PU colleges in the city, the ONE PU College that many students prefer and want to get a place is ST ALOYSIUS PU COLLEGE, Kodialbail, Mangaluru, and there was a huge rush at the admission office. They came from near and far; of the City, outskirts of the city, out of town; some were degree holders; some with the highest ratings; some with grades eligible for a seat; they were mostly mixed regardless of caste, creed and religion – Christians, Hindus, Muslims; – all with the intention of joining this prestigious pre-university college in the city.

And I say all of these students made the right choice to come to St Aloysius Junior College after their SSLC to pursue their PU and further their education at this renowned institution – the only one of its kind in the city, with a vision of “Empowering young people through excellence in education to shape a better future for humanity.” Why I say that St Aloysius Institution is a renowned and prestigious institution is because as an alumnus, i have experienced all the good things from the Jesuits, teachers and staff of this Alma Mater from my 1st level up to B Sc. And i am sure for all those boys and girls who have been admitted to St Aloysius PUC, it was probably a dream come true!

The motto of the St Aloysius institution is “Lucet et Ardet” – in Latin terms meaning “Shine to kindle” refers to the mind and the heart. It is the deep desire of this Alma Mater to present to the nation and the world men and women with minds shining with knowledge and creativity, and hearts burning with sincere love and concern for others. . The St Aloysius Institutions of the Jesuit Educational Society of Mangalore, inspired by the person and mission of Jesus Christ, and guided by their motto are committed to spreading the light of knowledge and wisdom and kindling the ardor of the faith that does justice by forming men and women for others who are academically accomplished, emotionally balanced, morally upright, socially responsible, ecologically sensitive and professionally dedicated, to be a mighty force for the transformation of the society.

All those thousands of students who had chosen St Aloysius PUC made the right choice and their dream was to choose a career that would make their future bright and to make determined efforts to achieve that goal while pursuing their studies in this institution. Although there have not been many options and choices to make during our college days, at this time the current generation has many opportunities and lots of encouragement from the management and staff of this institute where they reach greater heights. But many have a general tendency to follow what others are doing. They shouldn’t do that. Students taking professional courses must realize their inherent ability and talent for what they want to achieve.

Also, they should strive, make sincere effort and instill the right attitude and self-confidence to achieve their dreams. Parents, on the other hand, instead of imposing their views on their children on what to do, should properly guide them to help them achieve their goals. Students should also discuss with their friends, relatives and elders to make the right choice after PUC, because apart from medicine and engineering, there are many related courses, which are in demand these days. So, all of you PUC students, think carefully before making your decision about what career you will pursue after PUC – make the right choice or ask your professors or seniors.

Speaking to the Mangalorean team, Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ, Principal of St Aloysius PU College said: “The number of students applying for admission has returned to levels of the days before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 19. Students come for admissions from Madikeri, Hassan and other districts as well as Kerala which was not the case for the past couple of years. They also require accommodation facilities. The course demand has changed this year. Many candidates, both in business and science, want computer science to be a combined subject. The other requested course combinations are PCMB, PCMC and CSBA”.

Father Clifford added: “This year we have decided to admit a large number of students and have raised the threshold for admission. It is thanks to the good results, that for the computer suit, the threshold was increased from 80% to 90%. There was a 5% threshold increase for the PCMB, and candidates need 85% marks, while the CSBA combination saw a 10% threshold increase, and in other course combinations, there was a 5% increase in threshold. ”.

“It is incredibly exciting to have over 3500 students at St Aloysius PU College. The outstanding percentage result has doubled the number of applicants for this academic year. The overwhelming response from parents and students to the overall excellence has spurred our growth. Jesuit education motivates each student to broaden their mental horizons by excelling not only in studies and extracurricular activities, but also by becoming good human beings in the service of society. St Aloysius Gonzaga, Patron of our College is an example of compassion and devotion to humanity for all the young people on our campus,” added Father Clifford.

He added: “St Aloysius Institution, Mangaluru, which began as a small institution serving a few hundred students over 141 years ago, has now grown into a complex educational enterprise, with various units scattered over two sprawling campuses, where more than 15,000 students, boys and girls pursue their studies in various disciplines. St Aloysius Institutions seek to establish a friendly environment in which people of diverse cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs can participate in the community, in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect”.

The Mangalorean team also had the opportunity to meet a few students who have been admitted to St Aloysius PUC and were happy to share their feelings and future plans. For many, achieving a perfect grade point average on their SSLC exam was no easy feat. Many of those students who achieved the feat emphasized that it wasn’t just hard work to earn the accolade. From de-stressing at regular intervals to resolving questions, a lot of effort and sacrifice has gone into it. However, the joy of getting the perfect score made the whole struggle worthwhile for these students.

Here is what some students had to say: Coming from a middle class Catholic family, Nelson Shawn Miranda said: “Having completed my SSLC at Sacred Heart School, Kulshekar, I am so thrilled to have a place at St Aloysius PUC and continue my education under the direction of Jesuit priests and teachers. . After my PUC, I will either go into a technical field or another field with better prospects. I’ll study hard and try to get good grades at PUC, then decide my future career – until then it’s top secret. Thanks to my parents for showing me their love, caring and encouraging me all my life. My sincere thanks to Aunt Mrs. Jessy Pinto, a benevolent and Uncle Alfie D’Souza from the Mangalorean team for putting forth their efforts during my admission time and also providing support during my college career”.

Miss Sushma, expressing her thoughts, said: “At the moment my priority will be solely on studies. After PUC, I can choose medicine or engineering. I am happy to have a seat in this renowned institution which has produced many great personalities. I hope I will get the best education here so that I can achieve greater heights in my future career. I fully attribute my success to my beloved parents, who have been my backbone since childhood – and they still care and support me very much.”

Miss Susan said: “I am delighted to have a place at this prestigious college run by Jesuit priests. Under the guidance of apostolic sisters during my early school years, I accomplished much and learned much. Thank you to the Sisters of St Agnes Institution. I am very confident that the Jesuit priests and teachers at St Aloysius PUC will train me and show me the right path to my future success in my studies. I still haven’t made a decision about what I will do after my PUC – when the right time comes, I will do the right thing. My parents were very supportive of me and I credit them for my success. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts”.

Miss Mary Thomas who completed SSLC at St Theresa’s School of Mangalurus said: ‘I have always believed in God and prayers and will continue to do so because without God’s help nothing is possible. , including your studies. God helped me recover from the flu that hit me the day before my exams, and I was able to answer my exams, thus getting good grades. I am truly overwhelmed to be admitted to St Aloysius PUC because I have always wanted to enter this institution run by Jesuit priests. After my PUC, I will try to enter the medical field, but as of now, I haven’t decided what type of medical career I will choose. For now, I will focus on my studies, get good grades and decide my future career accordingly”.

Ravindra RS said: “All my life I have had the support and encouragement of my parents – and I am very indebted to them for my success. I am also happy to have secured a place here, which is also my dream come true. I always wanted to go on to higher education after SSLC at St Aloysius, and God helped me get in – and also because of my grades (smile)? I am also grateful to my secondary teachers who helped me when I had problems with my studies I haven’t decided yet what I will pursue after PUC – probably going into medicine or engineering or…. IIT??I will try my best to get good grades, and with all the facilities and encouragement of this college, I am confident that I will excel in my studies”.


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