Cleric warns FG against planned withdrawal of subsidy


THE Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Babalola Memorial International Miracle Camp, Ikeji, Osun State, Prophet Sam Olu Alo, warned the federal government about the planned removal of fuel subsidies for the new year .

Prophet Alo, who is the Apostolic Church of Christ (ACC) Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain Adamimogo Outreach planter, in the first service of the year, said, “There is no sin in removing fuel subsidies. But I heard that they decided to give an allowance of N 5,000 to the people. They have to come to a round table with the people to discuss better things to spend the money on that will benefit the people. all.

“If they just unilaterally decide that the money will be shared among people, it will only increase their suffering. What can N5,000 buy in our market today?

“There must be a dialogue or agreement on its use for the construction of railways connecting all the states of the federation. In this way, farmers, business owners and others would benefit and jobs would be created for young people. It could also be used for security, road construction and electricity.

“It must be tied to a particular project and backed by law, so that it will be used for the purposes for which it was intended.”

He noted that fuel is also expensive in most of the developed and developing countries he visited, adding: “But people there aren’t complaining because they see good roads, jobs, water and electricity provided by the government with their money.

“If this happens in Nigeria, people will not resist the decision to remove the fuel subsidy. “

Charging Nigerians with believing and having faith in their ethnic groups, languages ​​and the country in general, he said things would return to normal if such a spirit was imbibed.

“I am a Yoruba; my belief is that everything will be fine with Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo, other ethnic groups and Nigeria in general because God has blessed this country with human and natural resources, but we are lagging behind because we have a visionary leader as we had at the birth of our nation. This is why we are not satisfied, ”he said.


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