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When Christians walk past churches, it can become easy to compare our differences. Comparing differences can make us more critical of each other. Maybe you’re not a “church type person” and that drives you away a lot. Instead of comparing our differences and separating ourselves from each other, what if the 21st century church unites the same way the first century church unites?

What united the first century church? The Macedonian church was more generous than the wealthier Corinthian church. The Corinthian church had more problems within its church body than the Jerusalem church. Even the apostolic leaders, Paul and Barnabas, could not agree to have John Mark join them on a ministerial trip. It also took Peter months, if not a year or two, to accept that the Gentiles could be saved.

So there were differences and disagreements in the first century church. However, there was one thing that united the first century church and it is the same thing that must unite the 21st century church – the belief that Jesus is Lord.

When we unite around our common belief that Jesus is Lord, our perspectives change. We see that everyone who believes that Jesus is Lord has the Holy Spirit of God living in them. We see that we are part of his kingdom and we honor each other accordingly.

When Jesus is Lord, it’s not about my opinions, it’s about giving up what we want for what he wants.

I am so grateful that there is a growing group of pastors in Leavenworth County who unite as one church, believing that Jesus is our only Lord and following the only word.

Do we have our differences? Yes. Do we always agree on the same doctrines? No. Do we all believe that Jesus is Lord? Wholeheartedly yes. And because we share this, we see opportunities to partner to love and lead in our cities the way Jesus loved and led us. Together we want to see the kingdom of Jesus expand. A kingdom that leads to true peace, joy and love. A kingdom where Jesus is king and his reign does not bring burdens but brings freedom and fulfillment to all who trust him. I am grateful that these churches are united as one

I am grateful that these churches are united as one church to join in Jesus’ work of expanding the kingdom of God.

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Kasey Robinson is the senior pastor of Westside Family Church in Leavenworth.


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