Christine Brown’s shocking revelation that she left AUB Church ‘a long time ago’


On the February 6 episode of sister wifes, Christine Brown made a startling confession. She revealed that she is no longer part of the church and has not been for some time now. Since Christine is no longer part of the church, how does this affect her divorce from Kody Brown?

Sister Wives of Christine Brown | CCM

What is the faith of the “sister wives”?

The Brown family practices polygamy or “plural marriage” based on their belief system taught by the fundamentalist Mormon group called Apostolic United Brethren (AUB). The Brown family has long advocated for polygamy or ‘heavenly marriage’ for more than 16 seasons of Sister wives.

AUB has approximately 10,000 members, mostly in Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Montana and Mexico.

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AUB doctrine differs from typical LDS faith in several ways. Like the LDS faith, the AUB regards the Book of Mormon and the Bible as sacred scriptures and accepts the Articles of Faith, written by Joseph Smith.

The main difference with the AUB is their idea of ​​plural marriage. Not only is it allowed, it’s approved. They view polygamy as a crucial step in receiving the highest glory from heaven.

Because they believe they become “heavenly” through plural marriage, Kody had taken four wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown.

Christine is no longer a member of the AUB

It came as a shock to many sister wives fans to find out that Christine is no longer a member of the AUB church. Christine revealed, “I haven’t been a member of this church for long.” She said, “I left a long time ago.”

Christine Brown on the set of the one-on-one meeting of season 16 of

Sister Wives of Christine Brown | CCM

Not only did she leave the church, but she also decided to leave her marriage to Kody. After more than 28 years of spiritual marriage, Christine is now divorced. However, since they were never legally married, Christine ended the marriage on her terms.

Christine explained the divorce process within AUB. She said, “If it’s a marriage like mine and Kody’s, where it’s just a spiritual marriage, then they’re spiritually freeing you. And you cross them. However, she made it clear that she would not go through the church, as she is no longer part of the faith. She said she’d rather keep that between her and God.

Christine divorced Kody

In part 2 of the tell-all reunion, Robyn tells the host that she doesn’t consider Christine and Kody divorced until the church grants it. She said, “Well, Christine says they’re divorced. And, technically, in my head, they’re not. She explains, “Because their marriage was solemnized by the leaders of our church. And they did not grant them a divorce. But I do not know.

The stars of

Kody Brown and Christine Brown, “sister wives” | CCM

However, in Christine’s mind, she’s already divorced Kody. She said, “And I just have no interest in church. So for me, the ecclesiastical authorities of this church, I don’t care. As for a religious ceiling, I think God is fine if I just want to be happy.

She says, “So for someone else to tell me whether my marriage is over or not, I’m like, no, I don’t really need that.”

Kody Talks AUB Sees Marriage In The Afterlife

Will Christine go to the afterlife with Kody as her heavenly bride? Well, according to Kody, “God has a way of working things out.”

He said, “My religion says, ‘Uh-uh-uh!’ It is a dogma of religion. And I go, ‘You know what? You don’t know the mind of God. And right now, it’s just in God’s hands, and I don’t care. He said, “She doesn’t believe in religion. It is no longer part of the faith. And she is free from this ‘yoke of bondage’ if you will.

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Apparently, Christine is not the only one to have left the AUB faith. According to Kody, “the whole creepy family” had thrown their religious views “out the window.” And at the moment, none of the Brown children are interested in practicing polygamy.

The third part of the sister wives Season 16 tells all Sunday, February 13 on TLC and discovery +.

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