Christians don’t need guns but we need a liberator —Alamu


Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Church Planter Agbala Itusile, Abule Egba Lagos, Pastor David Tunji Alamu in this interview with SEYI SOKOYA talks about the state of the nation and the effect of the nation’s insecurity over the church.

The church has been besieged lately following several attacks, kidnappings and murders of Christians and clerics. What do you think could be responsible for the repeated occurrence?

The situation we have found ourselves in in the country, even at this time, is so pathetic. It is so unfortunate that we have struggled to address security issues as a nation. Our leaders have failed to provide a lasting solution to the country’s security problems and it is so obvious that they have no solutions to this problem. Thus, it is up to leaders and Christians to seize the opportunity to change the narrative. We should pray urgently, and it is time for church leaders to encourage their members to get involved in politics and become fully involved in the political structure from the parish, local and state levels up. at the federal level and even to take over the affairs of Nigeria from the hands of the wicked. . We can make it happen again as we have prayed in the past under (General Sani) Abacha’s regime. God can still answer our cries and our prayers; therefore we must not yield in any form.

We must not forget either that the end is very near. So these incidents will surely happen because God has already said they will happen. This is why I said that we should not relax our prayers.

There are unconfirmed reports of a siege of Christians and churches; why is this happening to churches now?

Not just Christians; they will also besiege Muslims, even everyone by Fulani terrorists. This is why we must be truly united and embrace peace to fight and defeat the beast that opposes the progress of peace in Nigeria.

Mixed reactions followed news of the arrest of suspects behind the Owo massacre; What is your opinion on this?

The incident is pathetic and the people behind this diabolical act must not go unpunished. This incident depicts the level of insecurity in the country. But we have to be careful about the matter. Police did not confirm the report; until a thorough investigation is carried out on the arrested suspects and the security officers can confirm with their concrete report, we cannot comment on an unconfirmed arrest.

Do you support the idea that churches should defend themselves with arms against insurgent attacks?

Capital No. The Holy Bible says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; we must pray that God will send us a deliverer. Whenever the Israelites had a problem, God sent them help. We need a government that will take care of them. President Muhammadu Buhari is a Fulani; he should be able to talk to his relatives as Governor Samuel Ortom said. We don’t need guns, but we need a liberator.

You recently revealed that God told you that a famous politician would rule Nigeria in 2023 and a few weeks after he became the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), is this confirmation of your revelation?

I have nothing to hide about what God has revealed to me, so I had to make it public. Although many people were against it, but God spoke and the confirmation is the result of what happened in the APC primary election. Interestingly, people thought that I was bribed or influenced by Tinubu to publicly reveal this prophecy in national dailies, but that is not true. I only acted on the revelation. I have never met Tinubu in person. Following the revelation, my associate ministers and I decided to support this man of great vision with our prayers for the success of his political ambition.

As a cleric, what would you suggest as the main objective of any presidential candidate for the 2023 elections?

Nigeria is really facing a lot of things and as I said earlier, we need a liberator to save us from our many problems. The future of our young people must be secured and the steps to achieve this objective must be discussed. Nigerian youths need a sincere government and this should be the main objective of any president who succeeds the current administration.

The next president must address the issue of unemployment comprehensively. Previous governments failed young people in this area because they could not provide adequate or necessary jobs for the majority of young people. But I think the government can do better. Jobs should be provided to young people mainly through agriculture. This sector in Nigeria is pale. Although it is perceived as a means of survival reserved for the poor or rural people, agriculture must be modernized. Facilities should be made available to those who are already in the business or ready to do so. The state and federal government should also own farms where dynamic young people, even graduates, can work with modernized facilities.

Israel is an arid land surrounded by sea and mountains, but has developed its economy on agriculture. I have visited different countries around the world – in Africa, Europe, UK and USA – and I can’t see any land as fertile as Nigeria. If these countries located between the ocean, the sea and the desert can succeed on agriculture, Nigeria can succeed more. Electricity is also an important factor of every developed country and its effects on development cannot be underestimated. An adequate power supply is also a source of employment for the masses. If a country like Ghana can have an uninterrupted power supply, why can’t we? Businesses close due to insufficient supply and huge electricity bills, impoverishing the poor. If more manpower is needed in the sectors to do things right, do not hesitate to employ dedicated young people or graduates who are ready to work.

It is also sad to see our education system fail. We must prevent the standard of our education from failing every day. Graduates are no longer able to express themselves in good English, let alone construct a complete sentence. It is a pity that the results of the system are now commercialized. You get good results when you are rich. It is now almost impossible to tell the difference between average students and academically poor students. This is really absurd and debatable. Students are now engaging on all sorts of social media platforms, abandoning their core assignments instead of focusing on intensive study.

Also, I would like to advise whoever takes on the role of leader of the nation in the upcoming elections to focus on housing programs and consider the poor as well. Nowadays, housing estates built by state and federal governments are strictly for the wealthy as they are completely unaffordable for the poor. This is highly unacceptable. If you are with us, then the poor masses who are the majority must be taken into account. Transport should not be forgotten. All modes of transport, such as air, water and land, including rail, should be improved.

Finally, security in Nigeria is zero. No one is safe, even children and parents are unsure of their safety. All of these negligent and deliberate security threats must stop at the community, state, and federal levels.


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