“Children forced to leave school to pray”: 5 women arrested in Bolzano, they are part of the church of the New Christian sect


“If you have marital problems or questions aboutchildren’s education, we are always ready for helpful discussions and advice”. The announcement appears on the official website of New Christians (“Neu Christen“) The church-sect founded by a former Swiss Guard, an expression of Catholic traditionalism, which opposes the Church of Rome, or rather the interpretation of the magisterium of Pope Francis. Nikolaus Andres Schneiderwho is 84 years old and calls himself the “Bishop’s Sword” he is the inspiration and advocates a Catholicism free from modernisma return to tradition, with reconstructions theological-political which refer to planetary intrigues of which, through the management of the pandemic, it would be the Vatican is also the protagonist.

It is to “Neu Christen” that the investigation carried out by Bolzano public prosecutor and go riflemen of Brunico’s company which resulted in the arrest of five womenincluding a “priestess” who would inspire harassing behavior against two children under 14forced to drop out of school and Pray on your knees even at night make up for his sins. Like, say, peeking at a peer’s cell phone. Victims of the fanaticism of mothers are two children of the Aurina Valley, which the families wanted to preserve from the corruption of morals. They were turned over to social services because they were segregated at home, they didn’t have a televisionnor cell phones, they weren’t hanging out with friends and they had been taken out of school. And it is precisely from their absences that the reportage of the Carabinieri, which they have, began recording tools placed environment in homes Campo Tures and Cadipietra, in the province of Bolzano. The load is child abuse.

There are no detailed explanations of ways to educate children on the “Neu Christen” website. But according to the reconstruction of the carabinieri, summarized in the arrest warrant signed by the prosecutor Sara Rielli, the teaching methods were very strict. Mother, daughter and aunt, are followers of e they punished every wrongdoing violently. The investigation is still in its infancy and the relationship between the “priestess” and his daughter, who live in Cadipietra and the fanatical family of Campo Tures. But what role did the other family members play? And what were the relations with the church of the “bishop of the sword”? This is what the riflemen will have to check. The three women, originally from Val Venosta, had arrived in Campo Tures from a little over a year. Did they want to change surroundings or get closer to the priestess who is the spiritual leader of the group?

Nikolaus Andres Schneider he is not a bishop consecrated by the Roman Church. The old Swiss guard in 1975, he founded the children’s prayer group Kgs (Kinder Gebets Sturm) and started preaching pretending to have a direct contact with God, which will inspire speeches on youtube and on a television channel. His anathemas strike homosexualitythe sexual education of children (which makes them “rot”) andAbortion. But the preaching also has as its polemical objective the corrupt Church and the pandemic management, which would be part of global control project. For example, on August 8, 2021, he said: “Coronavirus is a cold which can end like any other flu. who is in power he wants to try a world government and one world religion. Politics and the Church pull the same cord. Lying Media Serves Satan“. And again he attacks distances and anti-Covid measures. “Now it is the government that dictates the law in the Church. The Savior did not turn away from the lepers, but he touched and healed. The communion wafers are served with tweezers, but it is the claws demons. Those who have been vaccinated are increasingly losing their spirituality towards God and becoming stupid.’ A clear rejection of science.

Schneider is convinced that the Antichrist resides in Rome and that the pope is “the pioneer of a world religion that will replace Christianity with other religions, advance the process of globalization of religion, speak quite openly about fusion and unification of religions; but in a universal religion there is no place for jesus christ“. With regard to geopolitics, he argues that hillary clinton fall prey to the devil, America manipulated by Rothschild, Rockefeller and Soros. He invites Europeans to leave the EU and NATO, instruments of these planetary projects. The answer to so much moral corruption? “Like a sprout, the new Christian church emerges renewed from the rotten trunk of the old church, as a continuation of his apostolic tradition”. The church is present in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Cameroon. Among the invitations to Christian families, Bishop Spada formulates that of creating in each house a Herrgottswinkel, a corner of God or of the crucifix. Who knows if it was in this room that the children of Campo Tures were forced to pray at night.


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