Blessed to receive: Church donates to those helping vulnerable people


The Apostolic Church has kindly made a donation to non-governmental organizations in Rarotonga that serve vulnerable people. 22090401

Non-governmental organizations that serve vulnerable people in the community felt “blessed” to have received donations from the Apostolic Church.

Bishop Tutai Pere of the Apostolic Church presented cash donations to Autism Cook Islands, Te Vaerua Community Rehabilitation Service, Creative Centre, Te Are Pa Metua and Te Kainga “as a sign of our love and of our contribution to the community”.

The Apostolic Church Restoration Fundraising Team has been exceptionally busy organizing many events throughout the Constitutions celebrations.

Bishop Pere said he was “very impressed” with the efficiency and effort of the church’s catering kitchen, whose productivity has benefited from the expertise of one of its members Tua Manea, the head chef of the Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium.

“There is more happiness in giving than in receiving,” Bishop Pere said.

“Due to the blessings of the Lord” and after consultation with the executive committee of the Apostolic Church, it was decided to donate $500 to each of the five charities, Bishop Pere said.

Maine Beniamina, Community Rehabilitation Service Manager at Te Vaerua, was extremely grateful to receive the donation which will buy more equipment, such as crutches and wheelchairs.

“We are blessed to receive this gift from the Apostolic Church which is needed to help the quality of life of our people,” such as bedridden people, amputees and stroke victims, Beniamina said.

The Creative Center’s Director of Operations, Danny Tixier, is well aware of the challenges facing the NGO and has shown his appreciation and gratitude to the Apostolic Church.

Creative Center operations manager Danny Tixier is grateful for the church’s support. “The work is hard sometimes…and we think we’re lonely sometimes.” 22090402

“Working alone and alone caring for our vulnerable, disabled and elderly people, the work is sometimes difficult,” Tixier said.

“And we think that sometimes we are alone and that the funding we have is not enough, but we manage with the funding that we have – we make things stretch and we all do our best to get positive results. We don’t complain, we work hard.

“It is a blessing that the Apostolic Church has given us this gift because there are areas where we are constantly lacking,” Tixier said.

Tepaeru Teaukura née Nicholas of Te Are Pa Metua was moved by the gift of the Apostolic Church. 22090403

The NGOs are working to provide quality service and safe service to vulnerable people in the Cook Islands and are “extremely grateful” for the gift and words of comfort from the Apostolic Church.

Mama Tepaeru Teaukura née Nicholas of Te Are Pa Metua was so touched by the kind gesture that she insisted on giving her own speech, thanking the Apostolic Church for its continued contributions – including food – to her center over the years. year.


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