Bethlehem Apostolic Temple makes sure everyone has a full plate for Thanksgiving


WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF) The Apostolic Temple of Bethlehem Food Ministries held their annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Distribution today. They had 50 volunteers who packed everything you need to have a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Hundreds of area residents came to the event.

Fresh vegetables, canned goods, pies and even a turkey. Each box has made its way down the volunteer assembly line and into the vaults of those in need.

Reverend Cummings with Bethlehem The Apostolic Temple is the one that started it all, but says it is just one piece of the puzzle.

I think they are all angels and they have been very important. You know that there are certainly a number of people who are in need, and we are happy to help them, but without the angels to help us, we could not help them. There is no doubt I could not but do it myself and I am very grateful.

Reverend Darrell Cummings of the Apostolic Temple in Bethlehem

People are traveling from all over to make this happen. David Gray, director of the Belmont County Correctional Institute, says it has become a tradition he now shares with his family.

He told me about this donation opportunity that he makes a few times a year, and I felt complete to come and help him. This is the second or third year that I have come to help. Today my daughter came with me, so we make it a family affair. It’s just a blessing to see the people here who really need the help and the blessings he brings to the people of the community here. He’s just great for Wheeling.

David Gray, Director of the Belmont County Correctional Institute

Many people rely on this gift to provide their families with a meal for Thanksgiving. Reverend Cummings says the day should be special.

A lady told me, she said if she didn’t get her food she wasn’t going to starve but now we made it a special day and that’s what it is. We hope this will be the start of a new beginning and realize that no matter how badly things go, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Reverend Darrell Cummings of the Apostolic Temple in Bethlehem


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