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Ardella Lavena Marie Wallace, firstborn of the late Harold Pinchem and the late Cleo Brown Pinchem, was born May 14, 1932 and died July 3, 2022. Ardella was a graduate of Sumner School. After graduating, she married James Wallace and moved to Washington, DC and Philadelphia before relocating the family to Leavenworth.

Ardella has handled many roles. She was the eldest of five girls, who were not just sisters, but friends who enjoyed spending time together laughing, talking and teasing each other. This family closeness, they instilled it in their children. Ardella was the mother of six busy children and a second mother to a few more. She was a positive role model, teacher, mentor, disciplinarian, and cheerleader. Not only did she raise her children as a single mother, but she helped raise three generations of grandchildren, a great-great-grandchild and a niece, all while still having time to care for and care for herself. to help several relatives and friends confined to the house.

Ardella was an active member of the Pentecostal Faith Apostolic Church (PCAF) at 1701 5th Avenue. At an early age, she was baptized under the pastorate of the late Bishop Herbert Davis. While in church, she wore many hats. During her teenage years, Ardella sang in a church choir that traveled to other cities to perform. As an adult, she was a member of her church’s board of trustees; as well as serving in the roles of Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Special Programs Coordinator and Pantry Manager. When she was not working in the PCAF food pantry, she helped distribute or serve food at the community store in Leavenworth Mission. She never tires of helping others. Whether it was an organization Ardella was involved in or not, she generously gave 100%. She supported all the pastors of the Church.

Ardella worked at the Veterans Center at Leavenworth, before being transferred to the OB/GYN clinic at Munson Military Hospital at Fort Leavenworth. She was recognized for her outstanding work in running the OB/GYN clinic. While working at Munson, Ardella held a long-term position with Weight Watchers and encouraged many people to join Weight Watchers. Thanks to her dedication and commitment to the company, Ardella was flown to New York by Weight Watchers to join their festivities; celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Ardella was predeceased by her parents, Cleo and Harold Pinchem; sisters, Harolene Davis and Emma Hinton; daughter, Gigi Lifsey; Grandchildren, James Darnell Wallace, his wife Traylena Huff and their baby girl. She is survived by one son, James Wallace, Lawrence, KS; four daughters, Maria Thomas (Bruce), Cameron, NC, Marva Wallace, Leavenworth, KS, Janice Wallace, Lawrence, KS and Jackie Johnson (Anthony), Columbia, SC; fifteen grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren, seven great-great-grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins ​​and friends.

As there will be no official funeral service, the family invites you to continue your prayers, calls or visitation at the home of Ardella Wallace, 840 Limit, Leavenworth, KS. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Community Store at Leavenworth Mission, 1140 Spruce St.,

Leavenworth, KS. Their website is or call (913) 651-8800.


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