Apostolic sect members urged to adopt Covid-19 vaccination


The Chronicle

Nelias Shiri, columnist
LEADERS of apostolic sects urged members to accept the vaccination against Covid-19 which is underway across the country.

Traditionally, most apostolic sects avoid vaccination programs because of their religious beliefs.

Bulawayo-based Prophet Mutumwa, head of Johanne Masowe eChishanu urged his colleagues to ensure their supporters embrace government programs, including the Covid-19 vaccination.

“It is our responsibility as church leaders to act responsibly, so I urge members of the apostolic sect across the country to accept vaccinations against Covid-19 in order to save lives,” did he declare.

He said Covid-19 is real and people should be vaccinated to stop the spread of the pandemic.

The Prophet also pleaded with the public to follow the containment rules and regulations implemented by the government.

“The coronavirus pandemic is real and people are losing their lives regardless of their religious beliefs, so it is important to encourage our members to get vaccinated,” Prophet Mutumwa said.

Speaking in a telephone interview, a leader of Johanne Marange of Zvishavane, Prophet Nyasha Tshuma, said members of apostolic sects should adopt the Covid-19 vaccination program.

Prophet Tshuma said modern medicine has saved lives because it was God who allowed scientists to find it.

“Yes, we have our own religions with diverse beliefs, but when it comes to this pandemic, members of apostolic sects should be vaccinated and reject false speculation about the side effects and effectiveness of drugs,” the prophet said. Tshuma.

He said some of his supporters in the health sector have since received their second blow according to the government’s phased phases to tackle the virus.

Mpilo Central Hospital Acting CEO Professor Solwayo Ngwenya said religious beliefs threaten the nation as a whole if some refuse to be vaccinated.

He said the government should hire apostolic sects to save lives.

“If some religious groups refuse the vaccines, it means we are not going to beat the virus, then I urge the national authorities to seriously engage them because not only will they die but they will die with us,” said Dr Ngwenya. . .

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness about their right to access the Covid-19 vaccine.

ZimRights said vaccination is a human right protected by the right to health.

“Access to a vaccine is a human right that is protected internationally and locally under the right to health and by extension the right to life,” ZimRights said in a statement yesterday. – @waydenaido.


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